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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Danshui Old Street and Museum of the Strange @ Taiwan

If you are looking for authentic Taiwanese street snacks, old school arcade games or souvenirs to bring home, Danshui Old Street is the place that you want to slot into your itinerary. Located alongside the shore of Northern Taiwan, this charming old street is always bustling with crowds, both young and old who came to chill out amidst the nicely preserved Japanese colonial buildings.

Check out my travel journal on Danshui Lover's Bridge and Fisherman's Wharf. 

Directions to Danshui Old Street

1. Take the MRT to the terminal station - Danshui. It takes approximately 40 minutes to reach from Taipei Main Station. From Danshui MRT, exit at the beach side. Danshui Old Street is located along Gongming St and Zhong Zheng Rd, a 2 - 3 minute walk away from the station.

Quail Eggs (NTS$20 for 4) are probably one of the more under-rated street food, but I do strongly recommend a stick or two of this deliciously cooked eggs, seasoned with a dash of pepper and oyster sauce, doned up as the same method as your traditional Takoyaki.

One should totally try out the Ginger Tea with Black Sugar 黑糖姜母茶 (NT$250 for a pack). Drinking a cup of hot ginger tea truly warms one's body, making it an ideal choice for those feeling cold especially in the winter times.

Besides the gastronomic part of this journey, why not drop by the Museum of the Strange which is located near the mouth (from MRT station) of Danshui Old Street? It is hard to miss with its huge signage and quirky entrance. Admission fee is priced at only NT$70 per person.

And of course, as the name of the museum suggests, do expect to see lots of strange, yet interesting exhibits such as a two-snouted pig, gigantic rabits and some ancient condoms. Although Museum of the Strange is kind of small (it can barely fit 20 people in), one might spend an hour or more, reading and experimenting the different things that it has got to offer.
Holy crap (my balls shrinked for a moment)
Fish with two mouths

An ancient milk bottle. Apparently, my mum said this was still in use during her generation.

How 'bout an ancient piece of condom that looks uncomfortable to put on?

Or a piece of (what looks like an used) female condom? They even have instructions on how to put it on.

Tribal manhood protector.

(from left) Two-headed squirrel and a torture device that draws blood from the head.