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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Poulet @ Bugis+, Singapore

The recent addition of Poulet to Bugis+ (formerly known as Illuma) was a welcoming one, with long queues expected during lunch and dinner hours. Under the Thai Express Group which houses several household brands such as Xin Wang, New York New York and Kiseki, Poulet is a contemporary French-themed bistro which offers casual dining at much affordable prices. 

Nestled at the mall's fourth floor, Poulet features a 60-seat open dining area inspired by modern alfresco setting in France, furnished with classic wooden tables and chairs. Diners can also catch the chefs in action through the open kitchen.

On their 2-page menu, expect to find a variety of appetisers, main courses such as Braise de Carnard and Oxtail de Bourguignon ($15.80), as well as classic French desserts. And of course, as the name itself suggests, Poulet Roti (roast chicken) is their star dish, which well, makes it a must try for starters.

The house signature of Poulet, their roast chicken (S$28.80 for whole) which was marinated and slow roasted until golden brown using a traditional recipe, was very well savoury and flavourful, while the chicken meat in itself was tender and moist. The best (and addictive) part was probably the home-made mushroom sauce. Prior to this, didn't i thought that creamy sauce and roasted chicken complements one another so well. But now I do. It's obvious, if you are here at Poulet, don't miss out their star dish.

Before that, we ordered their Country Side Mushroom Soup (S$5.80) which proves to be the best I have ever tasted. The cream of wild mushrooms, together with Idaho potato was so flavourful and incredibly creamy, you wouldn't want to waste a single drop.

What is French cuisine without the company of the prized Escargot de Bourgogne ($8.80)? Served with tomato fondue and almond garlic butter, these 6 Burgundy snails did not die in vain. Well.. sadistically speaking. Unlike the previous escargots I have had, their rendition of the garden mollusks did not leave a strong aftertaste which was very well enjoyable.

Mediterranean Stewed Lamb Shank (S$15.80) was delightful with soft, tender meat infused with flavours derived from its own jus and orange. It is completed with root veggies such as onions and carrots. Portion-wise, my girlfriend can barely finish three quarters of it.

Slow cooked to ensure that the intense flavours of onions, garlics and potatoes are captured into the tender white meat, Braise de Poulet (S$13.80) might be just another option for you if you prefer a healthier alternative to the roasted version. Only thumbs down is probably the sheer size who might not satisfy a grown man's stomach completely.

What is a good meal without desserts? Truthfully speaking, there aren't a lot of choices for desserts at Poulet. Hence we chose the one that seems the most appetising to us - and yes, that's Tiramisu (S$7.80)! I wouldn't qualify this as the better ones out there, as the sponge fingers layer was so drenched in espresso and had an overpowering taste of rum syrup, resulting in the whole dish being too soggy. The top layer of mascarpone cheese dusted with espresso powder was delightful nonetheless.

All in all, Poulet proves to be a good place to have decent French cuisine without having to burn a big hole in the pocket. Thumbs up, I will definitely be back.


Tel: +65 6509 9411

Opening Hours
Daily: 10am – 10pm

201 Victoria Street