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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Global e-Beauty: Authentic Luxury Goods at Discounted Price

Shopping online has become a natural habit for most of us.

Groceries, clothes, household goods, literally everything.

Today, as the COVID-19 situation worsens, if you are lucky, you are either one of these: working in your office, at the comfort of your home, or even, serving your Stay-Home-Notice (SHN).

The not-so-lucky ones has faced the cut and are probably job-surfing on their couch.

What if today, you can:
(1) Save while buying, and (2) Earn while sharing

Well, now you can.

Global e-Beauty features both luxury and household brands are under one mall - just like Lazada or Shopee. In the past, there are no benefits when you share your favourite lipstick or cleanser with your besties. But now with Global e-Beauty, you get to earn monetary rewards when your friends (and even your friend's friends. AND EVEN, your friend's friend's friends) purchase any items on the platform.

Saturday, March 14, 2020

5D4N Hospital Experience (PLUS Something Against Coronavirus?!)

Her tummy turned purple..

Then her little feet and fingers..

She was trembling..

We rushed her to the hospital..

She vomited..

She had a high fever..

Then she had a seizure and fainted..

And in a matter of hours during 2019's Christmas, our dear daughter was admitted to Thomson Medical Center - the place she was born, now back for all the wrong reason. Little Olivia was finally asleep after an arduous afternoon of unfortunate events. My wife, Lydia and I were still recovering from shock, as everything happened so sudden. One moment we were enjoying spa facilities, and the next, we got a call from our parents saying that Olivia's limbs turned purple and was trembling.

A Shared Ward
Despite the best insurances we got for Olivia, we were admitted to a 2-bedded ward, and on a long waiting list for single ward (What's with all the sickness going around during Christmas?). When you have a baby, the thing with shared wards is that other babies will affect yours, and vice versa. Heck, I don't want no babies waking Olivia up at 4AM for no reason. We thought we could buy the next bed, but the head nurse shook her head as another patient, a boy of three or four years, was admitted to the same room. With all of our humanly limitations, we turned to prayers.