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Friday, October 29, 2021

Matsukiya by Sushi Tei @ Paragon

Lady M wanted something Japanese during our babymoon earlier this October, and I thought, where could I find a nice place to feed her and the little one? And that's when we chanced upon the more atas branch-off from our all-time favourite Sushi Tei - Matsukiya. Now we are all pretty familiar with the budget friendly options from Sushi Tei, and its student weekday buffet (oh the memories), but Matsukiya is different. Its slightly higher price point also meant.. 

An experience like no Sushi Tei

Located at the atas Paragon (how fitting), Matsukiya is hidden beside its sister, Sushi Tei. Now, I used hidden, because we missed it the first time. In fact, we might have walked past it without realising that it's Matsukiya. Stepped inside, you will see limited seating with a central counter where chefs performed their skewers-grilling skills over Japanese bincho-tan, that is, white charcoal. Its dim lighting and dark floors make it looks like you're at a fine dining place. But you know what's the good thing? Its ventilation. So you don't walk out feeling you need to empty a Febreeze on you (cough, Seoul Garden).

Friday, October 22, 2021

Top Staycation Hotels at Singapore (updated October 2021)

Since the holiday seasons are coming shortly, what's better than to take a short getaway. Although the VTLs are slowly opening up, you sure you want to risk? Okay perhaps with the cases still hitting the threes, that might seem like a safer option. BUT ANYWAY. We are talking about the lovely staycations of our lovely and blessed island. Since the beginning of this pandemic (or endemic or whatever) or rather when the measures had slightly laxed after circuit breaker, we have been to a number of staycations for birthdays and our recent babymoon.

We have compiled our top 5 so you know where to go, just to spend the day with your loved ones.

Disclaimer: This list is purely based on my views on my experience. Most of the staycations are partially sponsored with complimentary upgrade and food credits, etc. The prices are indicative of the pricing you would expect.


Nomsaurus Rates is based on the following criteria for each category:
Food: Hotel dining options, which includes breakfast and high-tea (if any)
Room: Decor, amenities, and "wow" factor
Service: From checking in to out, room service (how long it takes to respond and deliver, etc.)
Value: Based on the market price, whether we consider it a good deal.

If it's beyond the rating scale, I will even reward it with additional limbeh's Nom-chelin star(s) 


Ready? LET'S GO!

5. W Singapore
Located at the luxurious Sentosa Cove area, it has all you need to be secluded. The only nearby attraction at Quayside Isle, which is filled with restaurants, bars, and even a supermarket. However, it's just perfect for a 2D1N staycation, especially with a toddler.

Our room: Spectacular Room
Price range: $450+/night

Nomsaurus rates:

What we love: Superb food quality and awesome pool.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Places to bring your kids to in Punggol

Where to bring my children to? Eh same place again, don't want la.

Most parents like us face these same questions again and again, especially if you're a WFH-parent. We have moved from the city to the Singapore suburbs of Punggol since June 2021, where I once thought I wouldn't reside here. But to be honest, Punggol is quite the haven for families with children, especially when playgrounds are literally under every HDBs and endless activities to entertain your kids with.

If you're wondering where to bring your kids to, I've compiled a list of to-go to add into your Punggol bucket list! I've skipped all the shopping centers, just because they are too mainstream.

1. Uncle Ringo
This old-school carnival sounds like nothing you would find in modern Singapore. The moment I walked in, a wave of nostalgia hit me in my feels. Carousel, a little pirate ship, Ferris wheel, and carnival booths where you could win some prizes, are some of its attraction.

Fun factor: 4/5
Cost: A ride or game typically costs around $5.
Location: Social Innovation Park, 50 Punggol East (3-min walk from Riviera LRT)

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Walking on Sunshine @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Cafes don with dried flowers and greeneries are all the rage. Like any flower-struck girl, this cafe made it to my wife's to-visit list, and like any self-proclaimed great husband, I had to bring her there. Located at Orchard Central, this cafe isn't difficult to find at all. But first timers would be surprise that Walking on Sunshine is actually a... hair salon (as well)! Surprise surprise! Imagine having a nice tea break right after your hair appointment. Both of your hair and tummy will be in for a treat!

Fun fact - it prides itself as Singapore's BEST, MOST INSTAGRAM-WORTHY CAFE.