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Friday, October 15, 2021

Places to bring your kids to in Punggol

Where to bring my children to? Eh same place again, don't want la.

Most parents like us face these same questions again and again, especially if you're a WFH-parent. We have moved from the city to the Singapore suburbs of Punggol since June 2021, where I once thought I wouldn't reside here. But to be honest, Punggol is quite the haven for families with children, especially when playgrounds are literally under every HDBs and endless activities to entertain your kids with.

If you're wondering where to bring your kids to, I've compiled a list of to-go to add into your Punggol bucket list! I've skipped all the shopping centers, just because they are too mainstream.

1. Uncle Ringo
This old-school carnival sounds like nothing you would find in modern Singapore. The moment I walked in, a wave of nostalgia hit me in my feels. Carousel, a little pirate ship, Ferris wheel, and carnival booths where you could win some prizes, are some of its attraction.

Fun factor: 4/5
Cost: A ride or game typically costs around $5.
Location: Social Innovation Park, 50 Punggol East (3-min walk from Riviera LRT)

2. Splash @ Kidz Amaze
Fun-size water playground to keep you and the little ones entertained (and tired out). Expect slides of various lengths and intensity, and even a huge bucket of water waiting to unload above you. The best thing? It's indoors so you won't have to worry if it's rain or shine outside! At SAFRA, you could even grab some convenient bites after the tiring session!

Fun factor: 5/5
Cost: ~$20 for children, add-on $2 per adult(s) for weekends.
Location: SAFRA Punggol, 9 Sentul Cres (3-min walk from Sam Kee LRT)
3. Punggol Point Park
Playgrounds, beaches, get a hearty meal at one of the seafood restaurants or cafes, rent a bicycle and ride into Coney Island, or simply just catch the sunset. Punggol Point Park is the perfect place to lepak on a weekend evening. The beaches are not as sandy and clean as Sentosa's though, so I'm taking 0.5 points away.

Fun factor:
Cost: Free.
Location: Punggol Point Rd (10-min walk from Punggol Point LRT, direct bus from Punggol MRT)

4. Jewel Bridge
This impressive dome-shaped structure serves as a vantage point for cyclists and exercise enthusiasts. It has a perfect view of the sunset, so don't forget your cameras! It's recommended to head there near evening when the weather is cool and breezy.

Fun factor: 3/5
Cost: Free.
Location: Punggol Point Rd (5-min walk from Sumang LRT)
5. Punggol Waterway Park
Part of the coast-to-coast trail, this park is great for nice morning or evening jog. Olivia loves to bring her scooter there, and we would usually scoot all the way to Waterway Point, which is about 15-20 minutes casual stroll from the Waterway Park entrance. Don't miss out photo opportunities at the Adventure Bridge!

Fun factor: 3/5
Cost: Free.
Location: Sentul Cres (3-min walk from Sam Kee LRT)
6. Kiztopia Club
Kiztopia is now at Punggol! I've never been there tbh, since they only accept walk-in and no reservations.. which is pretty weird. Nevertheless, speaking from the experience from Kiztopia at Marina Square, if there is a fun haven for children, this is the place. If there isn't any time limit, your children could play there forever.

Fun factor: 5/5
Cost: $19.80 (1-hour play), $29.80 (2-hour play) and $10 for accompanying adult
Location: 85 Punggol Central, #01-01/02/03/04, Singapore 828726 (3-min walk from Punggol MRT)
7. Playgrounds
As stated in the intro, there's literally a playground below every HDB block, so you wouldn't need to look far for some (free) fun for your children. Most of them are equipped with a fitness corner, so you might want to work those non-existent abs while your kids are playing.

Fun factor: Varies
Cost: Free.
Location: Various locations.
I will be adding more to the list as I explored Punggol with my child. Stay tuned!