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Friday, October 30, 2015

Loacker's 90th Anniversary: NEW Raspberry Yoghurt Flavour

Loacker needs no additional introduction. Their iconic Italian wafers packed inside familiar packaging designs have lined the shelves of local supermarkets for as long as limbeh could remember. Recently, my best bud, Fernando (with the silent "o") and I were honoured to be invited for the launch of Loacker's new flavour, and to savour Loacker-inspired desserts at Two Bakers, a quaint bakery-cafe located at Horne road. Check out our experience here:

Friday, October 23, 2015

Old Habits @ Telok Blangah Rise, Singapore

They said "old habits die hard". Indeed, this quaint cafe - located in the sleepy neighbourhood of Telok Blangah Rise - may possess just the habit of collecting treasures from the past. If you are a 90s (like limbeh) or 80s babies, or even earlier, get ready to be mesmerise by a deep sense of nostalgia. The first non-coloured gameboy, the legendary 好公民 textbook that everyone hates, SEGA saturn, old film rolls, and even the table are actually made from old sewing machines! Nostalgia game sibei strong sia. The cafe is the brainchild of Donovan and Selena, an extremely friendly couple who greeted and introduced us to the menu with great enthusiasm. Together with the retro decor, it seems like a winning combination, let's check out the food!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Bon Cafe @ Pattaya-Naklua Road, Thailand

Pad thai, green curry, tom yum goong..? If you're bored of eating these local food in Pattaya, why not head to Bon Cafe for some American-styled breakfast? Opened as a franchise by a Swiss businessman, Bon Cafe, which features al-fresco dining, has a large, lovely space decorated with glass table-tops and rattan chairs, and could seat more than 50 people. From our recent trip, customers are evidently Caucasian men in their late 50s, accompanied by their browner counterparts (aka Pattaya girlfriends). Oh ya, the location to this cafe is not a hassle as it is located at the main roads of North Pattaya, otherwise, ask the ang-mohs. I'm pretty sure Bon Cafe is their hot-spot for bringing their one-night dates for breakfast after a night of excitement. Do what? Watch movies la, you dirty-minded sia.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Recipe: Homemade White Sandwich Loaf

Bread is so fun to make, I swear. Before this, I thought I would need a bread maker to literally make a bread. But oh hell no, this recipe is so darn easy (even for a cooking noob) and requires only your good o' oven. The result? Simply amazing - a nice crusty exterior with a soft, fluffy centre.