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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Osaka Ohsho @ Westgate, Singapore

Boasting their fried dumpling speciality since 1969, Osaka Ohsho (which translates to "King of Gyoza in Osaka") is a destination for diners from all ways of life to savour their casual ambience and irresistible dumplings. Currently with more than 300 outlets worldwide, it has opened two right here locally at Raffles City and Westgate.

Most of their "Chipanese" (if there is a word for Japanese-Chinese fusion) dishes include, ramen, terriyaki and tempura set meals, complemented by their famous pan-fried dumplings. Do not be surprised if you found out that you are reading Mandarin off the menu, because most dishes are Chinese-inspired. As expected of the hi-tech Japanese, electronic menus are utilised to send orders to the kitchen directly, saving both manpower and time.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Hoshino Coffee @ Plaza Singapura, Singapore

Following Plaza Singapura's expansion, Hoshino Coffee has been boasting snaking long queues during meal-times, serving authentic Japanese cuisine, which includes their signature hand-dripped coffee and pancake souffles. Having recently been to Miam Miam, I would have to admit that there was an uncanny resemblance between the two, in terms of their offerings etc. I haven't had the former's main courses, so I shouldn't judge as much.

Nevertheless, if you had a chance to pass by Hoshino Coffee, I wouldn't be surprised if you got seduced by their eye-captivating artificial food display. Pancake Souffles, like I said, are one of their best-sellers - boasting a light, fluffy texture that it's sure to get any dessert-lover hooked on first bite. Prices are S$9.80 for one, and S$12.00 for the double (and, of course.. if you're in the right mind, you should get the latter for sharing). The pancake souffles are served with a dollop of cream and maple syrup. Preparation time takes 20 minutes, but as they always say.. Good things are worth the wait.

Compared to Miam Miam's rendition, Hoshino won hands-down.