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Friday, October 24, 2014

Teadot Cafe @ Westgate, Singapore [CLOSED]

With a whole lot of cafes poppin' out in the West recently, it would be a high order to catch up with this proliferation. You know what, we actually have this whole, long list of cafes to try out and strike it off the list, but it looks like we are adding more than subtracting it. Nevertheless, we got to try out Teadot cafe after deliberating for quite a while, but still decided to head on with it. 

This modern, yet dainty cafe located at Westgate attempts to reinvent the art of tea-tasting, bringing in gourmet tea drinks to people from all walks of life. Tea is the main thing there, and quite obviously, as its name suggested. It was within lunch hour, so we chose to have their lunch special - roasted chicken sandwich and tea, and a salmon rosti to go along with it.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Waffle Slayer @ Kampong Bahru, Singapore

Located in the neighborhoods of Kampong Bahru, Waffle Slayer is an expansion and spin-off from its predecessor, Strangers' Reunion. Likewise for its cozy interior, this trendy cafe is built upon the rustic industrial concept, featuring vintage furniture and an open-kitchen. This cafe specialises nothing else other than its highly acclaimed waffles of assorted flavours, ranging from sweet to savoury delights.

We were there on a weekday afternoon and were surprised to find that the cafe is more than 80% full, mostly with females - maybe they are wired for waffles? God knows. Nevertheless, we got seated in a moment of time albeit the very limited seating.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pies & Coffee @ Rochester Mall, Singapore

Having been to Pies & Coffee a couple of times, I thought, why not do a damn review about this place already. Located at the vicinity of Rochester Mall, Pies & Coffee is a modern, stylish cafe which seats up to 80-persons, offering diners a choice of indoor and al-fresco style dining amidst the greenery and water features. Given the luxury of space, it is no wonder why it is a favourite spot for students, who sipped on their frappe while mugging for assignments and examinations. That is, including myself.

At Pies & Coffee, there are two obvious highlights - pies and coffees, which one could simply admire in full-view at their counter display. It is not easy though, as anyone would be spoilt for choices. Besides that, they do serve all-day breakfast as well, such as Smoked Salmon Stack - a glorious combination of toasted bagel, stacked with truffle mashed potatoes, velvety scrambled eggs, peas, mushroom, and finally topped with smoked salmon. This dish is completed with a side salad. Who would mind waking up to this beautiful breakfast everyday? Well, definitely not me.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Faculty of Caffeine @ Jalan Trus, Johor Bahru

Situated along Jalan Trus, Faculty of Caffeine (FOC) is the brainchild of two childhood buddies, Vinc and Edward, who are both enthusiasts of coffee and design. The exterior is difficult to be missed, with its hipster-matte-looking black-and-white signboard set upon walls of pastel blue. Given that most of the shop-houses along the stretch were unfurnished and old-fashioned, FOC sure sticks out like a sore thumb.

As expected, its interior were designed with no less thoughts. With a combination of chic and vintage, it allows a cosy space for timeless furniture, such as a vintage sewing machine and a huge mirror with Chinese characters, completed with artwork designed by the owners - a place where coffee meets art.