Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Staycation at MBS + Infinity Pool

Apparently we can't travel overseas until God knows when, so Singaporeans are turning to staycations more often than ever either to take a break or to utilize their Singapore ReDiscover vouchers. So when CNY comes, we thought why not take another short break during the long weekend, this time at the iconic Marina Bay Sands.
Lunch buffet at Rise

The check-in was pretty smooth and took slightly more than 20 minutes, afterwhich we went to Rise for a nice international buffet, where we got to enjoy free flow oysters, sashimi, abalone, and king crabs.
It was the CNY period, so they even had a God of Fortune mascot walking around greeting everyone. Olivia was so excited that she kept doing the "gong xi" hand gestures to him.
The Room

We got the Deluxe Room with a garden view, which is pretty superb as we get to see the majestic super trees with a backdrop of the vast Singapore straits (the other side is facing the Singapore river and floating stadium). 
The toilet is huge and spacious, which could easily hold 10 persons (for any needs).
Shortly after lunch, we went for a quick nap. Thank God for the blackout curtains.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Birthday Staycation at Andaz Singapore

For Olivia's big two in November, we decided that it's time we take her for a little staycay. We actually searched high and low, considered a lot, including availability, kid-friendly amenities, budget and distance. We contemplated between Shangri-la and Andaz, because the former has a huge built-in kids playground in the hotel (that's the things you look for when you have kids). 

Unfortunately, it wasn't available so Andaz was the hotel to go.
We headed onto Klook and got a really good deal for Andaz Singapore. For just $280, we got a Deluxe City View Room, and that comes with:

Set Breakfast for Two Adults + One Child
SGD$100 Dining Credits
Free Mini-bar Amenities 
(including beer! Sorry got to add this in)

Our residence is pretty close to Andaz, so there were several occasions that we bought little Olivia for a walk there. She absolutely love the fountains by the way. Now that we are inside Andaz, she "wow"-ed even more.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

[PROMOTION] RWS Luxury Staycation at Discounted Rates!

When we heard that our Sydney travel plans got cancelled in July due to the stupid coronavirus, we were devastated. It was the trip that we anticipated for more than a year, and we were just excited to attend the Hillsong conference, go on mini road trips and slurp some oysters at their famous fish markets. And not to forget a few days of really, really good night sleep. If you do not have kids, or if your little ones can sleep through the night, good on you, because we have absolutely zero idea why our darling Olivia still wakes up between 2 to 10 times per night.

In short, we needed the trip. To unwind, to relax, and to sleep.

Yes, so we were devastated.

A few weeks gone by, till early August, when my wife's birthday is around the corner, and I thought what better gift is there than a good staycation (albeit without our little one). The first place that popped to my mind was Sentosa, I mean, what better place is there to feel like a good staycation? We stay in the CBD by the way, so a hotel in town isn't much of a difference.


They have an excellent promotion starting only at $328 NETT for an "Indulgent WONDER" 2D1N staycation at either Equarius Hotel or Hotel Michael. And that's not it. It also includes the following:

Stay in Deluxe Room (Equarius Hotel or Hotel Michael)
Set Breakfast for two
Two S.E.A. Aquarium Adult One-Day Tickets
SGD$50 F&B Dining Credit
Complimentary RWS Invites $30 per stay
Complimentary parking
Our stay at Resort World Sentosa

My wife has something against Hotel Michael's interior, so I booked Equarius Hotel instead. 
Because of the social distancing measures, all check-ins are staggered, so we had ours arranged at 3pm. Proper measures like contact-tracking, temperature screening, declarations, and 1-meter apart queues are set in place, oh by the way, hotels have to meet strict regulations and screening to be approved for staycations.
So you can rest in peace. Oh, I mean stay with peace.

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Brighten Your 2020 with Flowers

2020 hasn't been the greatest year. We started the year with pandemic, extradition protests, racial riots, economic recession, and what not. Sure our lives get affected, but that doesn't stop us from getting warm and romantic with our partners and parents. Birthdays, anniversaries, small and big celebrations should still on, even if we are stuck at home.

If diamonds are a girl's best friend, flowers would be next. That's why flowers would never go wrong.

An award-winning Singaporean florist, Angel Florist Singapore has been offering a wide range of beautifully crafted flowers and gift hampers since 2007. No matter what's the occasion, they have flowers for that special day, to see smiles get lit up on your favourite person's face.

Valentines? Anniversary? No problem.

New born baby? Birthday parties? Sup sup water.

Mother's Day? They got you covered.

Your friends opening a new venture? Yup, that too.

If you're not sure where to start, hand bouquets are a safe and wise choice. To start with, they have over a whopping 100 different choices of bouquets. You know what's the best thing?
FREE SAME-DAY DELIVERY. Yes, you heard that right. Free delivery. AND on the same day. Last minute delivery? No worries. Plus, you you don't have to worry about hidden delivery costs which you would need to add upon check-out.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Household Essentials During CB + $100 Vouchers Giveaway!

This week's newsflash - This CB is extended for another month.

That's right. For another month. With additional rules, stricter regulations, and without my favourite bubble tea. Heck, I was even thinking of cutting my hair this weekend. The government went "these are not essentials, so nope."

oh God.

So about 2.5 weeks of CB has passed, so that's another... 5.5 weeks?!

Animated GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

So ladies and gentlemen, what are you going to do at home besides "working at home"? I, for one, went straight to the mama shop to get some tapioca flour and brown sugar to make some pearls after news of the major bubble tea stores are closed. I'm thinking of what would be on the cooking list next few weeks, Dalgona coffee or some herbal soup maybe.

Like always, I am your trusty lobang king  when it comes to finding the best deal - high quality with affordable pricing, especially during this CB period, where businesses is losing and cash is tight. This week is no different.


This week, Global e-Beauty is coming up with a new and VERY ATTRACTIVE Promotion, which the stay-at-home Mummies and Daddies will absolutely love.

Household Necessities, Cookwares and Electronics up to 80% OFF!

Friday, April 17, 2020

Keep Your Figure During Circuit Breaker

Dear readers,

Disclaimer: Before I start, I would like to clarify that in no way I am not fat-shaming, but promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle via natural weight loss.

As you have already realised by this day of CB (circuit breaker), the kitchen - especially the fridge is very hard to stay away from. Somehow, it always attracts you to open it, enticing you with your chocolate bars, cakes, fried chicken, pizza, and whatnot that you have stocked up for this CB.

All these delicious, mouth-watering, sinful snacks.

Little by little. Bit by bit.

Eat. Eat. Eat. CB, you don't want to exercise, right?

Although it doesn't seem like anything in the beginning, heck, you might look skinny thin. Yet, little did you know that your stomach and intestines have already start to clog up with unsightly visceral fats.

To help with your imagination how it may look like, here's a picture of a less gross version:
credit: Shutterstock