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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Osaka Ohsho @ Westgate, Singapore

Boasting their fried dumpling speciality since 1969, Osaka Ohsho (which translates to "King of Gyoza in Osaka") is a destination for diners from all ways of life to savour their casual ambience and irresistible dumplings. Currently with more than 300 outlets worldwide, it has opened two right here locally at Raffles City and Westgate.

Most of their "Chipanese" (if there is a word for Japanese-Chinese fusion) dishes include, ramen, terriyaki and tempura set meals, complemented by their famous pan-fried dumplings. Do not be surprised if you found out that you are reading Mandarin off the menu, because most dishes are Chinese-inspired. As expected of the hi-tech Japanese, electronic menus are utilised to send orders to the kitchen directly, saving both manpower and time.

Unfortunately, I did not get a fair shot at their famous Gyoza, but since its their signature and the very dish they are known for, why not order some and share it amongst the group? Prices are S$3.90 for 6 pieces, and S$7.80 for 12 pieces. Their pan-fried gyoza are home-made on a daily basis, so it's definitely freshness guaranteed. The dumpling skin is thin, yet sturdy enough to encapsulate the generous pork fillings.

If you love eggs, be sure to try out their Fuwatoro Tenshin Han (S$9.80) - a thick, fluffy sunshine dome filled with Japanese rice, soused with generous amounts of sweet sauce. It's comparable to an omu-rice, but this is MUCH softer and fluffier. Set meal (S$12.90) includes 6 pieces of gyoza and egg soup.

The tempuras in Fried Prawn Toji (S$8.90) was too soggy for my liking. I mean, what's the point of deep-frying it when you are going to soak it in a bed of eggs? Maybe a better alternative could be to serve them separately. Nevertheless, set meal (S$13.90) includes 3 pieces of gyoza and egg soup.

Their rendition of Fried Rice (S$8.90) was pretty impressive with its little hint of wok hei (wok's breath) amidst the fresh fragrance, except for the hefty price-tag. Diners could opt for the set meal (S$11.90) - a more economical option in my opinion, which includes 6 pieces gyoza and egg soup.

Besides Japanese cuisine, diners can opt for choices, such as their Fried Chicken with Pepper Steak (S$14.90), which in our opinion, tasted - absolutely Chinese.

After the meal, we really felt that their cuisine was more Chinese-based, rather than Japanese. Nevertheless, Osaka Ohsho would provide an option for fickle-minded diners who cannot decide whether they want to have Chinese or Japanese food.

Osaka Ohsho

Tel: 6465 9383

Opening Hours:
Daily: 11:30 - 22:00

3 Gateway Drive