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Friday, October 9, 2015

Bon Cafe @ Pattaya-Naklua Road, Thailand

Pad thai, green curry, tom yum goong..? If you're bored of eating these local food in Pattaya, why not head to Bon Cafe for some American-styled breakfast? Opened as a franchise by a Swiss businessman, Bon Cafe, which features al-fresco dining, has a large, lovely space decorated with glass table-tops and rattan chairs, and could seat more than 50 people. From our recent trip, customers are evidently Caucasian men in their late 50s, accompanied by their browner counterparts (aka Pattaya girlfriends). Oh ya, the location to this cafe is not a hassle as it is located at the main roads of North Pattaya, otherwise, ask the ang-mohs. I'm pretty sure Bon Cafe is their hot-spot for bringing their one-night dates for breakfast after a night of excitement. Do what? Watch movies la, you dirty-minded sia.

For a heartier option, choose their signature Pork Burger (THB 190). It looks kinda small, but you should really check out that juicy-ass patty (which is probably 2.5 times more than Macdonald's). As you sink your teeth into the burger, you can feel the symphony of baked crust of the fluffy buns, yet within lies a bed of crunchy lettuce, the sourish-sweetness of sliced tomatoes and pickles (oooh pickles), and the star of this dish, the tantalising, the almighty 1.5 inch pork patty, encapsulated in molten cheddar cheese and grilled to utmost perfection. That is, if your mouth is big enough to bite everything at once. Paired with fries dipped in tartar sauce, and a cup of cappuccino, I can literally eat this for days.

If you prefer more breakfast-sy item, have a go at their American Breakfast (THB 155) - no-frills scrambled egg, sausage, bacon, ham, toasts, orange juice, and a cup of your favourite beverage. Yes, you get two drinks (but don't worry, they have a toilet somewhere). Like I said, it's no-frills, so do not expect a five-star standard for this, but hey, places with traditional American breakfasts are rather hard to find in this part of the world.

Nevertheless, service was rather prompt, and service staff was polite as well. If you happen to be at Pattaya, I recommend a visit to Bon Cafe, a good chill-out place to have a signature cuppa or two. They have a frequent update of international newspaper and magazines as well, which is definitely a plus point (yay, English words!).

Soi 29 Pattaya-Naklua Road
Pattaya 20150, Thailand