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Saturday, March 14, 2020

5D4N Hospital Experience (PLUS Something Against Coronavirus?!)

Her tummy turned purple..

Then her little feet and fingers..

She was trembling..

We rushed her to the hospital..

She vomited..

She had a high fever..

Then she had a seizure and fainted..

And in a matter of hours during 2019's Christmas, our dear daughter was admitted to Thomson Medical Center - the place she was born, now back for all the wrong reason. Little Olivia was finally asleep after an arduous afternoon of unfortunate events. My wife, Lydia and I were still recovering from shock, as everything happened so sudden. One moment we were enjoying spa facilities, and the next, we got a call from our parents saying that Olivia's limbs turned purple and was trembling.

A Shared Ward
Despite the best insurances we got for Olivia, we were admitted to a 2-bedded ward, and on a long waiting list for single ward (What's with all the sickness going around during Christmas?). When you have a baby, the thing with shared wards is that other babies will affect yours, and vice versa. Heck, I don't want no babies waking Olivia up at 4AM for no reason. We thought we could buy the next bed, but the head nurse shook her head as another patient, a boy of three or four years, was admitted to the same room. With all of our humanly limitations, we turned to prayers.

Nearing the end of the day, just as we thought all hopes are lost, the head nurse came by again. Apparently, the next ward - a bigger one was unused, so we made the switch. Now instead of one companion, two of us can stay over and we have the whole room to ourselves! Thank God.

Home Alone
We decided that our helper was gonna stay with Lydia and Olivia. Although I headed home with my parents-in-law, I felt alone. Desolated. Lost. Amiss. I looked at the toys she used to play. The cot she used to sleep in. The laughter, the cries weren't there. Home wasn't home without my wife and child. 

I cried myself to sleep the first few nights.

Her blood test results were out and it was "positive". Her bacteria count was severe, as the readings were too high above the average range. She was at a risk of septic shock (definition: severe and potentially fatal condition that occurs when sepsis leads to life-threatening low blood pressure).
No restrictions can stop her from getting what she wants.

IV Antibiotics
Because of her severe condition, her pediatrician suggested not to prescribe her oral antibiotics, but IV antibiotics instead. Twice everyday, 30 minutes each time, for 3 days. However, Olivia needs to have her little fingers bound as a needle would be inserted into her hand. It was drama. Despite our efforts to hold her down, Lydia rushed into the restricted area because Olivia was crying so hard.

Roller Coaster Ride
The criteria to be discharged was no fever (>37.5C) for 24 hours. We thought it would be easy, however the next few days were like an emotional roller coaster ride. One hour she was fine, her fever subsided, yet the next, it went up to 40C again. We had no choice but to administer paracetamol and ibuprofen - dose after dose, and with every dose, she struggled and cried. This went on for a few days, we were heartbroken. And unsure if there will be any potential side effects.
That's my brave girl.

To the Rescue
"Do you want to try my method or continue with the fever medicines?", my mother-in-law asked - a slight irritation in her tone. It was probably due to our constant rejection of her traditional Chinese medical methods, which results in unnecessary prolongation of her grand-daughter's suffering. I mean, come on, we were always taught that Western and Chinese medicine do not mix. Nevertheless, we thought about the potential side effects of all the fever medicines, and decided to try her method - to apply Absolute Essential Oil, an ozone-infused oil with medical properties. We applied on her neck, chest, and back, with a little gua sha.

I was skeptical about its benefits, when it comes to my baby. And, I never liked the smell, but I accept that: (1) medicine works, but taste bitter, and (2) not all people likes coriander, or durian, anyway.
I Raised A Hallelujah
Within an hour, 39C,

..then 38C.

..then 37C.

Within the next moment, her temperature returned to norm, and her fever was fully subsided. Completely. No more rebounds. No more medicines.

WOW. God, we were amazed. Throughout the evening and into the night, she was well, and we checked out of hospital the very next afternoon. The pediatrician was confused himself (but I couldn't deny the fact that the IV antibiotics helped. A bit).

In the end, it costs $8700 for a 5-day stay. Thank God for insurance.
Thankful for parents.

So.. How Did Absolute Essential Oil Work?
Well, the answer may very well lies in its main component - Ozone.

But wait - isn't ozone poisonous? Yes, in concentrated doses. No, in doses used for medical treatment such as ozone therapy and ozonated oil like this.

In fact, ozone is medically used to disinfect and treat diseases, and also aids in blood circulation and has anti-inflammatory effects. With proper usage, ozonated oil can be more effective than antibiotics. Not to mention, way more convenient and without adverse potential side effects.

Its effects extends to inactivating bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites, and speeds up healing concurrently, so it's effective against most bacterial/viral infection (such as applying on fresh wounds, for sore throat, sinus, and basically for every part of your body). Besides medical uses, the oil can be used for beauty, that is, treating acne and blemishes (e.g., pigmentation, wrinkles).

And wait for it.. According to several medical reports and new sources, ozone is also effective against SARS and COVID-19. Say what..?

In Summary
1. For the wrong reasons, 2019's was surely one of the most memorable Christmas.

2. The saying "hard times will always reveal true friends" is darn true.

3. We thank God for bringing us through this difficult time.

4. We sincerely want to recommend you Absolute Essential Oil, especially during this coronavirus season, and more so if you have children. Till date, family and friends who have bought the oil for personal use or gifts, have only good reviews for it.

For any questions, email I'm always happy to hear from my readers.

Till then, stay blessed.
Thomas Chan
(salutation: limbeh)