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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Medz @ Orchard Central, Singapore

Located at the basement of Orchard Central, Medz is a concept similar to Marche, where diners were given at the entrance - a cash-card which records the food you bought, and at the end, pay for everything together. The difference is probably the food they served, while Marche focuses solely on Swiss affair, Medz serves a variety of Mediterranean fare – such as Spanish, Moroccan, French, Turkish and Greek at distinct booths in the brightly, decorated restaurant.

For both wine and caffeine connoiseur, you will be pleased to see an impressive display of wine collection, as well as a specialised beverage booth where the barristas craft your beverage with meticlous hands and utmost precision.

As much as being a true-blue Singaporean, I never like to queue. Hence I am glad that they adopted the "buzzer system" (same as Marche's), where the cashier hands you a circular buzzer disc after you order, and you collect the food when it lights up and vibrates. Lazy me.

Rosti with Salami (S$) did not impressed me as much as Marche's crustier version, on a whole, it was not as savoury as well. The good ol salami slices were good nevertheless.

Fish and Mushroom Calzone (S$) was really satisfying with its huge chunks of salmon meat, tomato sauce and thick, melted mozzarella. If you don't know what the hell is a calzone, it is actually a turnover, originated from Italy. Its main ingredients resemble the ones used to make a pizza, hence most people mistook it for a "folded pizza", when in fact, it's not.

The memorable image when you cut into (or tear if you're too excited) the crispy exterior of the calzone and the next thing you know, the irresistible sight of all the ingredients slowly flowing out.. Orgasmic.

What's a meal without a happy ending? Happy ending, as in good desserts, not um, you know. At Medz, you can customize your crepe, such as soft or hard crepe, the fillings, the toppings, as well as several add-ons, such as nuts or every kid's favourite rainbow sprinkle. For us, we got the Strawberry Crepe (S$8), not exactly wow-inducing, as the strawberries were a tad sour (Korean's are still the sweetest) and the chocolate sauce was quite thin.

If you want good crepes, I highly recommend Canele's.

Well, if you asked me if I prefer Marche to Medz, I wouldn't say no, not that I am implying Marche is better or anything, I just prefer the variety and atmosphere. Nevertheless, Medz is a nice place to dine in if you're looking for decent Mediterranean fare.


Tel: 6238 9028

Opening Hours
Daily: 11:00 - 23:00

181 Orchard Road
Orchard Central