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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Ole Sayang @ Taman Melaka Raya, Melaka

As a center of the exotic Peranakan culture, Malacca is well known for the small - and unfortunately diminishing - Babas (men) and Nyonyas (women) community. For Singaporeans, I am sure you got to catch a glimpse of the Peranakan society, such as what they do, eat and wear, in the 2008 hit drama series titled "The Little Nyonya" or better known in Mandarin as 小娘惹. Therefore, it's true to say that one haven't been to Malacca, until one try out their traditional Nyonya cuisine.

Located at the streets of Taman Melaka Raya (a few minutes drive from central), Ole Sayang is probably one of the most established Nyonya restaurant in Melaka. Being said that, reservations are highly recommended, as we waited approximately 30 minutes for a table of ten. One of the reasons being the restaurant has shifted from a quiet residential makan place to a popular tourist trapattraction, with tour groups from all over the world and the other states of Malaya hoarding several tables during the lunch/dinner timings.

Ikan Jenak (RM80 for L) - snapper (if I am not wrong) cooked in a sweet-spicy concoction of several traditional herbs and spices. The result is a beautiful combination of soft tender fish meat soaked in a pool of lovely spicy gravy. It seems overpriced (and yes it is), but it is well worth it.

Ayam Pong Teh (RM22 for L) - chicken cooked in a thick soy-based sauce with potatoes, was lovely and satisfying. It was of great quantity and trust me, the group of ten barely finished it.

For "smelly peas" lovers, you might want to try out their rendition of Udang Petai (RM22 for L) stir-fried with an abundance of spicy sambal with shrimps. For myself, who is very much not a lover of smelly stuff (of course, this is subjective), would prefers the classic tze-char dish - Sambal Kang Kong (RM19). Slightly different as compared to Singapore's version, this local dish of water spinach is served with more chopped chilli rather than sambal sauce.

All in all, although service was rather unresponsive - which I don't blame them for, because of the insanely large crowds - Ole Sayang gave us a pretty good experience during our hour-stay. There are several Nyonya restaurants along the street, hence if you can't locate this particular restaurant, try looking out for this traditional Peranakan deco:

Restoran Ole Sayang Sdn Bhd

Tel: 06-2831966

198 & 199, Jalan Merdeka
Taman Melaka Raya
75000 Melaka