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Sunday, September 16, 2012

Seventh Heaven @ Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

A piece of heaven between our visit to the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest. The people were complaining how thirsty and hungry we are, hence we decided to have ice cream to quench our thirst.

Famed for their "adult ice-cream" (with alcohol) and more than 30 handcrafted signatures to choose from, including Lychee Martini and Sea Salt Caramel, one would be spoilt for choice. They also features floral flavours exclusive to this outlet only.

Skipping all their alcholic and floral flavours, we go for their signatures instead - Butterscotch & Pecan and Rocky Road. Smooth and creamy. Their best seller, Butterscotch & Pecan did not appeal to me much, but the latter is good.

We also had the Hazelnut & Brownie and Sea Salt Caramel. The salty counterpart tasted pretty unique, it is like eating popcorn in ice-cream form, whereas the Hazelnut & Brownie is rich and chocolatey, but it can definitely do with more brownie chunks.

Generous scoops of ice-cream!

Seventh Heaven is definitely a pit-stop if you want to re-charge yourself between the different attractions in Gardens by the Bay. But still, Baskin Robbins and Udders remained as my personal favourite.

Seventh Heaven

Opening Hours
Daily: 10am  – 10pm

18 Marina Bay Drive
Gardens by the Bay