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Sunday, September 23, 2012

928 Laksa @ Yishun Central, Singapore

Laksa is one of the must tries in Singapore cuisine, but finding a good bowl of that spicy goodness is another story altogether. However residents in the north would point out a small corner shop hidden amidst Yishun Central, 928 Laksa - where queues are never-ending even at passed-lunch-time hours. Their speciality, and only item they sell is so well-known, that people from all across the island flocked just to satisfy their laksa cravings.

Now, you might think why it is called 928 Laksa, the answer is simple - it is located at BLK 928. In business for 15 years and counting, this humble shop has become a household name in the north, but has yet to expand much. Hence, be prepared to wait, as seatings are quite limited there.

Their signature laksa (S$2.50) is full of ingredients, thick beehoon paired with slices of fish cake, taupok, half hard boiled egg and cockles, garnished with laksa leaves. The most important item - gravy is just perfect with the right amount of coconut milk and chilli paste. It also brings along the rich fragrance of dried shrimps.

The homemade laksa chilli is superb, one of the best laksa chilli I have ever had. The spiciness is mild, but the fragrance of the sambal is so good. For diners who can't handle spicy food, do not fret as they sell drinks and desserts at a reasonable price, to "put off the flame".
Overall, it was a good bowl of laksa, I savoured it till the last drop of gravy. And I'd say it is on par with the famous local Katong Laksa. Not enough? Upsize your bowl of laksa for just an additional S$0.50.

928 Yishun Laksa

Blk 928 Yishun Central 1
Opening Hours
10am to 7pm