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Sunday, May 16, 2021

Teatime at Glasshouse @ CHJIMES, Singapore

It has been a while since I posted something, just related to food. As parents of a 2YO girl, you could imagine planning our schedule and weekend trips just to cater for her. Hence, before we head to an animal exhibition (Human X Nature, National Library, now till 21 Sep 2021), we decided to stop by Glasshouse at Chjimes, a casual 5-min walk away from the library.

Glasshouse is just like its name suggests, a contemporary coffee and bar toast. Yes, inside a glass box house. Expect to walk into a chic-Scandinavian setting - a design I would love for my house. It didn't have baby chairs, but some seating are low enough for our girl to climb up with ease.

Its menu weren't extensive, with a limited selection of toast and sides. However, just perfect for us as we were just grabbing some drinks and a small bite before heading to the museum (and trust me, as a parent, your selection is gonna revolve around your child). I'm either a coffee or a matcha person, so if I'm not holding my favourite black coffee, chances are, it's a matcha. And, theirs hit my sweet spot - thick, strong and a tinge of bitterness. Lady M on the other side, loves tea.

What's more lovely to pair it up with some truffle tater tots (S$9) and a beautiful burnt cheesecake. To be honest, after adopting the daddy lifestyle, I've been pretty much lagged in the trends, so it was my first burnt cheesecake (suakuuuuu). Although nothing extraordinarily fancier than a good old cheesecake, its combination of creamy cheese, graham crackers and a side of berry sauce is superb.

Its decor and furnishing are indeed welcoming, completed with the aroma of freshly ground beans and the wooden accessories, as we see students and many others warming their seats more than usual. Thank God is a none busy day less we can't find a seat. Overall recommended for a short break from anything else. 

30 Victoria St, #01-03 CHIJMES
Singapore 187996