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Friday, April 17, 2020

Keep Your Figure During Circuit Breaker

Dear readers,

Disclaimer: Before I start, I would like to clarify that in no way I am not fat-shaming, but promoting a healthy and balanced lifestyle via natural weight loss.

As you have already realised by this day of CB (circuit breaker), the kitchen - especially the fridge is very hard to stay away from. Somehow, it always attracts you to open it, enticing you with your chocolate bars, cakes, fried chicken, pizza, and whatnot that you have stocked up for this CB.

All these delicious, mouth-watering, sinful snacks.

Little by little. Bit by bit.

Eat. Eat. Eat. CB, you don't want to exercise, right?

Although it doesn't seem like anything in the beginning, heck, you might look skinny thin. Yet, little did you know that your stomach and intestines have already start to clog up with unsightly visceral fats.

To help with your imagination how it may look like, here's a picture of a less gross version:
credit: Shutterstock

This bad boy over here, is also known as "active fat" (though it's not active at all - geddit?) and it increases your risks of serious health complications like heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. Yikes, 我的妈呀!

Recently we came across this product, shòushake by Biospring - a natural weight control drink.
Why shòushake?

1. It is made from natural fruit stem cells and probiotics.
There are so many products in the market with artificial ingredients. Sure it helps to control your weight, but its side effects will do more harm than good. With shòushake, all ingredients are 100% natural, providing a healthy and natural weight control. Oh, it has a mild strawberry flavour so it has a tinge of natural sweetness. Yummy.

2. It absorbs the excess oil lining your insides.
You know what's more stubborn than my wife? The oil deposits. They cling onto your intestinal walls, like some parasites, clogging your organs and preventing what's supposed to pass through, to pass through. With its natural enzymes, shòushake helps to coagulate the oil into your waste. Think of it this way, it's like an oil sponge.

3. No diarrhea
Do you know how many slimming products work? That's right, by making you lao sai. Breaking news, people. Shit all your water and last week's breakfast out to make you have the misconception that you actually lost weight. Come on, that's water weight.

Melissa Mc Carthy Its Coming Out Of Me Like Lava GIF ...

BUT BUT BUT. Don't worry, because shòushake ain't gonna make your ass burn. No uncomfortable feeling. No diarrhea.

Just nice, smooth poo-poo.

4. ...and passes out smooth as ABC.
Having constipation is one of the most uncomfortable feeling in the world (fyi, it can lead to death). You get this indescribable feeling of something stuck at your bottom, you try to summon the energy from the stars, you try to remove it, but you are unable to. It's literally a pain in the ass. After drinking just one pack of shòushake, our friend said that she just pooped..

"The most complete, longest and nicest shape out."

True story bro.

Here's a fun fact.
Being fat is not how much you eat, but how little you eat.

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Here's why.

Aside from exercising, a healthy body has two steps to it.

1. You eat appropriately and take in the nutrients required for metabolism, so..
2. You excrete waste at regularly.

See the link? When you eat, you get the energy for your body to pass out your waste. If you do not eat, your body doesn't get enough energy (this is especially evident when age catches up), and that leads to constipation. The thing with constipation is that your waste gets either absorb back into your blood stream or the oil start to get snuggly on the intestinal walls.

The problem with us today is that. Singapore has got too much good food. Char Kway Teow, Hainanese Chicken Rice with the glistering skin, fried chicken and the list goes on.

Marcus Samuelsson's Tips on How to Cook the Juiciest Chicken
Cheat days ok la,  I also cheat (indulge in food, not what you're thinking of). but if you cheat every single day ah, your body's gonna get affected. The bigger problem is that if we do not exercise and shit regularly. I mean seriously, ask yourself. When's the last time you sweat it out? How frequent do you shit?

Now, I want you to put on your imagination and think this way:

Your body is like a house. A sacred house.

During this CB period, you laze around, you don't do your housework, you don't clean up, etc. What do you think would happen after this CB ends? Your house is like a dump. You can't move around, you get sick because of the germs, your life gets affected.

Big Mess Drama GIF by WE tv - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ladies and gentlemen,


How much is it?

This weekend, they are having a promotion to save you during this CB period.

ONLY $88 /box
(from 18 - 19 April 2020)


Let's put into perspective. For $88, you get 15 packs, that's equivalent to $5.80. With the promo, let's calculate the free 20 sachets of slimming coffee (same effects - just with coffee) in as well, and that's about $2.50 for each pack.

I mean. 

To keep your intestines clean from that lump of oil? 

To help me have smooth poo-poo?

To prevent all these nasty health risks?

To make you slim naturally without all those liposuction or diarrhea?

Enough said.
Whether you want the lump of fat or shit in your intestines or out of your body lies with you. 

Heck I will take this.

How to get it?
If you are interested, here are a few ways to get it:

1. DM
2. Or simply scan here with your WeChat and search SHOUSHAKE.