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Friday, February 24, 2017

Ehbuzz - Your One-Stop Portal to Know What's Buzzing

Recently I came across this new portal, Ehbuzz, this one covers various categories such as gourmet, beauty and tech. At Ehbuzz, you would be able to find buzzes a.k.a things to look out for, like food recommendations, promotions and other rave-worthy findings. Maybe you would be like, wah lao eh, another food portal? There's so many around already. You want to find out what's different? Continue reading!

After trying out Ehbuzz, I actually think that this is really user-friendly and kinda fun. For a start, their interface is really simple, so you can search for your dinner ideas hassle-free. Within each restaurant, there are different buzzes too. Here's Artistry, and their recommended/most rated dishes. To improve the validity of user's comments/ratings, other users can review the buzz as well.

Oh, at Ehbuzz, you get a sibei (really) cool title called "hunter" whereby you get experience points to level up and badges as you complete missions. Machiam (Similar to) like Pokemon. I hao-lian (show off) my profile first:

And as you can see, currently I am ranked 11th under gourmet hunters!

Besides marketing for the different restaurants, as a blogger (a.k.a influencer), you can market your facebook page, blog, and instagram profile on Ehbuzz too! 

What are you waiting for? Join me as a hunter at now!