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Monday, September 29, 2014

Movie Review - The Maze Runner

Having watched the trailers of The Maze Runner during its pre-release phases, I thought to myself, "oh boy, this is one darn movie I can't miss!" True enough, during my short getaway at Johor last weekend, I crossed this movie off my to-watch-list-of-2014.

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Nomsaurus gave The Maze Runner

This review may contain SPOILERS.

The Maze Runner is a Sci-fi/action movie directed by Wes Ball and is based on a post-apocalyptic science fiction trilogy by James Dashner. Does anyone know who the heck is Wes Ball? Apparently, he is a rookie director who has, to date, directed less than 5 movies, but I had to admit, The Maze Runner is his golden ticket to the director's hall of fame.

The plot revolves around Thomas (played by Dylan O'Brien) - a teenage boy who entered a community of boys trapped in a place, known as the Glades, where a huge-ass, revolving and ever-shifting maze encircles it. Out there, creatures of the darkness, otherwise called Grievers, a combination of machinery and flesh, lurked in the maze. Being a community, rules and regulations were set up by pioneer Alby (played by Aml Ameen) alongside with other noteworthy habitants, Newt (played by Thomas Brodie-Sangster) and Gally (Will Poutler). Things changed when the last human being, who appeared to be a female, Teresa (played by Kaya Scodelario) was sent to the Glades.

What happened next? That I will leave the movie to entice you.

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This movie is filled with thrilling, exciting non-stop action sequences that will keep you on your toes, but no - you wouldn't expect what is next. Perhaps, unpredictability is the plot's strongest factor, as it is packed with a brilliant mixture of suspense and mystery.

Screen play-wise, the combination of fresh-faces cast and newbie director was a huge risk, but it proved to be very well played. The same goes to cinematic, which includes breath-taking visual effects (when you look at the sheer size of the maze, you would know).

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All in all, brilliant and brilliant, I wouldn't mind catching this movie a second time. Given that I am a huge fan of movies involving characters escaping from something, say Prison break, this movie is definitely for those that are like-minded. 

Now, I can't wait for the sequel to come.

The Maze Runner is currently OFF-SCREEN.