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Monday, September 22, 2014

5 Brilliant Food Inventions

From cookie shots to ramen burger, these ingenious food creations are set to take any given city by storm. You see, that's the thing about food. Ingredients have no boundaries, and it's all up to the maker to bring a brand new identity to the ingredients put together, how they are prepared, garnished and then served in a certain way.

Food is not just food, it embodies a culinary form of art. And these food inventions are nonetheless, the artist's creations. Without further ado, here's my compilation of the 5 top brilliant food inventions of the 2010's.

Named as one of the 25 best creations by TIME magazine in 2013, cronuts has taken New York by storm, sparking yet another food craze.  Personally, I haven't tried one of these gorgeous, trademarked creations by renowned pastry chef, Dominique Ansel. But hey, this does seem like a crazy-ass invention which has gotta be in everyone's must-try list. I mean.. a hybrid between croissants and dough-nuts, who would ever thought of this?

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Cookie shots? Are you kidding me? Oh no, the same man who created cronuts is back again this year, creating yet another brilliant invention - milk in a cookie cup. While, this is (in my best knowledge) limited in New York, YouTube channels such as POP SUGAR have "hacked" this recipe, enabling everyone to sip on their little cookie cups at the comfort of their own home.

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I swear I just virtually heard that somebody, somewhere went - "whutttttttttt......?" You heard me right, bacon sundae. This was actually released as part of Burger King's summer offering in 2012The official description by BK reads: Sweet and savory made with cool, creamy and velvety vanilla soft serve, chocolate fudge and smooth caramel, made to order with our new thick hardwood smoked bacon. Limited Time Only. Anyone in the right mind would love bacon, but whether it's a brilliant invention or not, it's up for you to decide.

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And I'm not talking about the original flavour of this all-time favourite Japanese snack, it's the 1001 other flavours that followed it. Of course, I was exaggerating, it's probably 999 flavours. Talk about globalisation. We have, let's see, strawberry (oh yummy), red bean, matcha, blueberry cheesecake and wasabi (okay...), then there are other really weird flavours, such as bubblegum (what the fruck?) and veggies (okay, maybe it's a method to tell you kid to eat their greens).

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Created by Keizo Shimamoto in 2013, this ingenious invention has sparked a national food craze. I mean, ramen as burger-buns? Ooh-la-la. Today, ramen are not just the plain old noodles for poor collage kids (like me). Chefs from all around the world are experimenting and incorporating ramen into normal (and arguably, boring) recipes, such as fried chicken, wraps, and well... burgers.

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What are some other brilliant food inventions do you think would qualify for the list? Let us know in the comment box below!