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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Kith Cafe @ Park Mall, Singapore

This was not our first visit to this quaint cafe. The previous one left us with much disappointment. No, not because of their service nor their food, but because we did not have a reservation early for a weekend brunch. Foolish us - better should we know that Kith Cafe is overwhelmingly crowded, even on a normal weekday afternoon.

We tried their offerings, and were pleasantly surprised. Firstly, they have an incredible breakfast and brunch menu. Secondly, this menu lasts until 5pm daily. This is good news for people who still have breakfast cravings even in the late afternoon. Dear had Salmon and Eggs (S$16.50) - a brilliant combination of multi-grain toast spread with avocado mayo, two poached eggs, smoked salmon topped with black caviar, served alongside a heap of baby spinach and spicy baked beans. 

Yup, all of these for that price - highly recommended for both quality and price.

Talking about the ambience, Kith Cafe boasts a luxury space of both indoors and outdoors seating. Indoor options were off because it was fully packed (again, it was an Wednesday afternoon, and not even lunch hour!) Thence, we had the luxury of seating outdoors. It was a really hot day, but thank God there's shelter and fans around. Nevertheless, pictures always look better when taken with natural lighting too.

For myself, I opted for my favorite pasta, which is none other than Vongole (S$20) - linguine paired with fresh clams, garlic, chilli and white wine. The portions were incredibly lovely, even I have lost count for the number of clams. Taste aspect scored high for this dish, unfortunately their pasta was slightly hard on the bite.

Besides food, Kith Cafe serves a good range of desserts and hand-crafted beverages as well. I have seen reviews about their distinctive blend of coffee. I have yet to check it out, but I will definitely be back. All in all, Kith Cafe is a great hang-out place for both students and people who are looking for a quality budget meal, as most of their items are priced reasonably under S$20.

Kith Cafe

Tel: 6338 8611

Opening Hours
Daily: 8am - 10pm
Closed on Mondays
9 Penang Road
Park Mall