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Monday, August 25, 2014

Food Tasting at Charly T’s @ 112 Katong, Singapore

We dropped by Charly T’s to check out their “Best Chicken in the City”!

The name always reminded me of a cartoon character. Well, it turned out that Charly T (not a real name) is a persona of the restaurant, who put together different experiences and interesting recipes he collected and learnt throughout his travel adventures around the globe. On the menu, you can find food orginating from different parts of the world, from Germany to Honolulu to Japan. Most of the food originated from Germany though.

We ordered the Rotisserie Chicken in original flavour.

The rotisserie chicken was a German recipe. We were told that the free-range chicken marinated for 13 hours. The meat was very succulent and juicy. However, we felt that the crispiness of the skin could be improved. Overall, it was very aromatic. The meat was flavourful and well marinated. Definitely worth trying!

The dish came with 3 free-to-refill condiments: BBQ; Sesame; Spicy Salsa. The sesame sauce was interesting, but our personal favourite was the BBQ sauce. Quarter and half chicken comes with two sides, and whole chicken with four additions. The German potato salad was the most noteworthy.  It is not your usual smooth mash and had a really nice texture to it, topped with bacon bits and had a tangy taste to it. Yummy!

The macaroni cheese side dish might sound sinful, but it is made with a tomato base and has a really mild and light taste to it. As we prefer heavy flavours, it is not very tasty in our opinion.

The other two side dishes, steamed vegetables and butter garlic rice (which tasted like chicken rice), gave an almost asian twist to the German dish, which aligned to the travel concept of the restaurant.

Rotisserie Chicken (Original): Good (***)
1. Fresh and Succulent meat
2. Aromatic and well-flavored

Side dishes:
German potato salad: tangy taste (made with vinegar) and bacon bits. (****)
Fresh vegetables: Steamed, seasoned and healthy. (***)
Butter garlic rice: Aromatic, big portion, taste like chicken rice. (***)
Macaroni cheese: very mild light taste, tomato based. (*)

Price/size: S$14.40/Quarter; S$20/Half; S$44/Full

We also tried the “Free-Flow Sliders & Beers” promotion, which costs S$38+ and is currently on from 12pm to 3pm every weekends at their i12 Katong outlet. Knowing it is “Free-flow” is awesome enough, imagine having this in an al fresco lounge ambience. Totally relaxed!

If you don’t already know, the slider consists of the mini burger and fries. There are 2 options for the mini burger: beef and Schnitzel-Style chicken. The Budweiser beer is a USA brand. It has a light and smooth texture, not too strong and perfect for a chillax night.

The beef slider is really nice! The beef patty was juicy and succulent, hand-made and very tasty. The buns were also pan-fried to crispiness and  very aromatic. We were going gaga-over it and had to order a second one. This is a must-try. It is also available as an ala-carte in the main menu too.

Beef slider: Awesome. (*****)
1.       Good texture, hand made patty
2.       So juicy Victor can’t wait for more
3.       Tasty crispy pan-fried aromatic bun
4.       Fries are crispy

The chicken slider, was not so good in comparison. Although the patty was crispy, it was rather tasteless. We totally vote for the beef slider!

Schnitzel-Style Chicken slider: Hmm.. soso (**)
1.       Crispy patty
2.       Mild taste
3.       Tasty crispy pan-fried aromatic bun
4.       Fries are crispy

As we scanned their menu, we were intially drawn by the homemade ice-cream sandwich but decided to try their recommended german dessert – Kaiserschmarrn. For short, let’s call it Kaiser.

When the Kaiser came, it looked really good and one of us was already aiming at it with the camera. The Kaiser is actually strips of pancakes with raisins, topped with vanilla ice cream. You can choose the ice cream flavor by the way. It was good for the first couple of bites but we got  a bit sick of it after a while. It can be quite “gelat” especially after a heavy meal. Good for sharing amongst some pancake lovers. Other desserts might be worth the try too.

Kaiserschmarrn: Hmm.. soso (**)
1.       Strips of pancake and raisin with choice of ice cream
2.       Can be quite gelat
Price: S$16

The menu also has interesting drinks, concocted by the founder during his bartending days overseas.  The CT’s Odysseys are freshly squeezed fruit juices with a variety of interesting blends. It costs S$7 each which is abit expensive but has refreshing and unique flavors!

The 112 outlet looked like a good hang out place and perfect environment for families and friends. What impressed us was the extent they went to make the environment child-friendly. They even set up a playing space for the kids, equiped with story books, some toys and cartoon shows on the tv.

They also have a special room that customers can reserve for any special occasions. The room had a different style to it.

Full of vintage and straits of malacca feel.

The best thing is that using this room is free of any surcharge! You just need to make a call to reserve it before you come down!

The overall experience was good at Charly T’s. The food was generally good, portion was good too, but it was the customer-service, ambience and efforts at their food presentation that wowed us. Drop them a visit if you are living in the east!

*Prices indicated do not include GST.
*Charly T's does not impose any service charge.
*Charly T’s is also located at the PasarBella Farmer’s Market.

Charly T's

Tel: 6636 4701

Opening Hours
Mon - Fri: 11:00 - 22:00
Sat & Sun: 09:00 - 22:00

112 East Coast Road
112 Katong

Written and edited by Jesline Teo & Victor Lo
Photographs by Jesline Teo & Victor Lo