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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Marche Movenpick @ Jem, Singapore

Unlike the typical "credit-card system" that most Marches utilise currently, the brand new Movenpick outlet at JEM serves their dishes in a la carte style, bringing about a whole new dining experience. Yet, the ambience and concept was pretty much similar, coupled with rustic furniture, miniature pots of greeneries and soothing light, that resembles the interior of a cosy country-side restaurant. Al fresco dining is also available for diners to enjoy their meals amidst the occasional night breeze.

Their rendition of fried Ravioli was surprisingly good. The exterior was nice and crisp, but unfortunately, filled with barely sufficient fillings. This dish is served with their home-made sauce, which is difficult to distinguish between cheesy and sour creamy, kinda flavour. Makes a good side to go along with their beer.

Served with two sides of garlic toast and portobello mushroom (..salad), Spaghetti Carbonara (S$14.90) was far from satisfying. Number one: Pasta wasn't al dente (way off undercooked). Number two: Sauce was clumpy and in a mess. These two which gave me enough reasons to leave almost half of the pasta untouched. Just one more, and I might get a refund.

Almost 80% of their patrons ordered their signature thin-crusted pizzas, and I thought, why not order one and share it among us? There are more than 10 choices, ranging from cheese pizzas (feta, margherita, goat cheese, etc.) to more meaty ones, such as roasted chicken, prosciutto and smoked salmon. As democratic as we are, we went ahead with the most voted Smoked Duck Breast Pizza (S$20.50). Boy, it was humongous and tasted as great as it looked. Now, don't worry on how you're going to cut it, the service staff would kindly do you the favour.

Recommendations for the pizza(s) is highly recommended, otherwise if you are just going to stick to the mains, head for the other Marche outlets. least they serve rosti there.

Poly bros

Definitely great to meet old classmates once in a while, catch up on each other's life and reminisce the good, old times together. After all, those are the people that make your school years more interesting and meaningful.  

Marché Mövenpick Jem

Tel: +65 6694 2501

Opening Hours
Daily: 08:00 - 22:00

50 Jurong Gateway Road