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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Keep Calm and Happy New Year

2013 is soon to pass, while 2014 takes on the baton, it's high time to do some reflection on what I have been up to for this year.

2013 hold great meaning for myself, for one.. Okay, it doesn't seemed like big deal now. But I finally made it through 2 years of national service! For those who are still in service, I encourage you guys to cherish the time: treat it as a good time to learn something, instead of treating it "as a waste of time". Basic military training (BMT) taught me how to cope with life transitions, hardships, and trusting people I've never met before. My time in Officer Cadet School (OCS) has imbued leadership and several other important life lessons (I don't think I can fit all in here). While keeping it short, army has definitely gave opportunities for me to forge new bonds amongst hardships.

School started soon after.. being a man who feared solitude, I began to forge new friendships with the people I met throughout my first semester of psychology course. Well, psychology is not easy, but school life is so much fun with like-minded people who are (nonetheless) psychos (well, as we named our clique). 

Besides church, I found a new place for my spiritual growth in the school's Christian fellowship as well. Thank God for that. We even got praised for our short "apathy" skit in World Student Day!

Overseas are difficult to come by since the start of school. It's good that we can forked out time (out from our holidays) to chill out in the Land of Smiles.. yeah, that's right. Bangkok. Crazy trip. Crazier people.

Well, I even had my first cricket in Bangkok. Having eaten more than several kinds of insects, perhaps, I should do up a post, say.. "Guide to Eating Insects".

I'm fortunate enough to enjoy a short holiday to visit my relatives in Malacca..

And a break off urban life in Redang island.

And a trip up to Cameron Highlands with girlfriend and her mum..

I haven't been drawing much, apparently this is the only drawing I've done in 2013. Yeah, that's my favourite singer, Katy Perry!

Needless to say, I am blessed enough to savour so many delicious food.

As for my dear readers, who gave unwavering support despite my lack of updates, do look forward to this upcoming year, as I will be bringing more, and better eats around in Singapore (and anywhere else). And no, I am not planning to stick strictly to FOOD, but will be incorporating more travel and lifestyle reads (slowly, but steadily) to you all. I have recently set up an instagram account at:, so check it out and follow me for more gastronomical updates!

Well, I can't thank God enough for the things that I am grateful for, and for the bad things that happened, I just treated them as a lesson to be learnt. As I am penning down my thoughts right now (31/12 2340hr), 2013 is coming to an end. 2014 is going to be a greater year, a more blessed one for every one of us.


Best Regards,