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Saturday, July 6, 2013

MADO @ Jem, Singapore

Nestled at the ground floor of Jem - Singapore's third largest suburban shopping mall that officially opened recently, the first local MADO prides itself with the "world's best (and real) ice cream" made with mixing high quality goat milk and "schlep" that is harvested from the hillsides of Ahirdagi. Besides a wide variety of ice creams, MADO Cafe also attracts hungry diners with its limited number of main courses and side dishes, such as Kebabs, Prawn Aglio Olio and Caravan Grilled Lamb. But what lacks in quantity, I do, however, expected them to do well with the quality.

Pan Seared Salmon (S$18.90) was slightly flaky, but not dry on the palate at all. I liked how the salmon exterior was charred a little with the compliment of a touch of butter. Overall, this dish was nicely executed, in terms of both presentation and taste. Like most of their main courses, it is completed with a serving of seasonal vegetables, which includes steamed cauliflower, peas and potatoes.

For myself, I had the Peri Peri Chicken (S$15.90). A lovely combination of sweet and spicy sauce with tender chicken meat. The problem? Peri Peri is supposed to be spicy more than sweet. Their version was overpowered with the latter, that it tasted more like tomato sauce. Otherwise, it tasted up to standard.

Currently, there is a dinner 1-for-1 promotion of French Roast Chicken and Blackened Dory, together with two servings of mushroom soup and apple tea, for S$35.90. If you would to ask me, order something else. First, mushroom soup was the worst version ever - bland, watery Cambell. Second, the mains are extremely dry and juiceless especially the roast chicken, dory doesn't taste like dory at all and presentation was a big minus itself.

Moving on to their famed desserts, MADO Ice Cream (S$11.50) was nothing less than satisfying, especially on a warm, humid day. The correct way of eating their ice cream is by utilising the given fork and knife. Special aye? Anyway, if you were to ask anyone, most will go for their star flavour - Pistachio, without even thinking twice. The reason is obvious. Thick, beautiful and luscious nutty ice cream that don't melt as fast than your regular ones.

Their version of Walnut Special Baklava (S$11.50) - hot walnut pastry paired with a scoop of original (vanilla) ice cream and pistachio shavings, was awfully sweet and the quantity was terrible, as compared to the picture on the dessert menu. Initially, we had wanted the pistachio version of it, but it ran out of stock. It was clearly a bad choice we took.

As a whole, MADO takes pride in their food presentation, but not so much on the equally importance of the quality of the food itself. Dinner? Probably not. Desserts might be the only reason I see myself going back for.


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50 Jurong Gateway Road