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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Chin Chin Eating House @ Purvis Street, Singapore

For me, the basis of Hainanese cuisine lies none other than the famed chicken rice itself. While the debate for the best chicken rice in Singapore is a never-ending process, I was introduced to the ones at Chin Chin Eating House  recently, a classic restaurant that brings the nostalgia back from the 1980s. Located at the corner of Purvis Street, Chin Chin is no stranger to Hainanese food lovers, who swear by their authentic chicken rice and signature sweet-and-sour pork chops.

Personally, I think this might just qualify as one of the best Hainanese chicken I have ever tasted. Soft, tender white meat beneath a layer of smooth skin, finished with a mild touch of fragrant sesame and soy sauce. We ordered a half of each version (roasted and steamed) and were more than satisfied with it.

Contrary to the many positive reviews on their signature Sweet and Sour Pork Chop, I actually thought that it was mediocre and has nothing to rave about. To be honest, my dear mother a.k.a Mama Kook makes better version of this.

Whenever I had tze char or anything equivalent, I rarely order Chap Chye (mixed vegetables) as I thought that the veggies are left-overs and just simply thrown together to form another dish. The moment I had their rendition of chap chye, I felt that I have never been so wrong before. Soft, delectable veggies, completed with a whole lot of different textures and a thick flavourful gravy - I could only thought of one word to describe this - Delicious. 

Another great dish to order is the Fish Slices pan-fried with garlic and spring onions. One can hardly go wrong with this choice.

In a nutshell, Chin Chin Eating House is definitely a place that I could see myself returning to, for its Hainanese chicken, as well as their oh-so-good chap chye and maybe their legendary pork chop (perhaps the chef wasn't in a good mood that day, who knows). If you want good and authentic, yet affordable Hainanese food, do drop by Chin Chin Eating House.

Chin Chin Eating House

Tel: 6337 4640

Opening Hours
7am to 9pm daily
19 Purvis Street