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Wednesday, December 29, 2021

Goodbye 2021, Hello 2022.

I can't believe I'm writing this post already. In a blink of an eye, 2021 is ending in a few days, while we usher in another year. We all thought the pandemic will be gone by now, but it hasn't. New variants kept appearing while the number of cases fluctuate, humans have start to adapt to this new norm. After all, life still goes on. And within this period, the more we should be grateful and celebrate this breath in us.
2021 for us is a a year of beginnings.

1. Say HELLO to our new addition
This year, we found out that Olivia is going to get a sibling, and it is a BOY! It wasn't planned, but by God's grace and His perfect timing, we are blessed with another. The due date is estimated to be late February 2022, so we are looking forward to his arrival. Having a second child have its own challenges, for one, we need to prep Olivia too. But as with so many children, including myself who have a brother, I believe too that it will work out just fine.
2. Welcome to Punggol
We never once thought that we would move to Punggol, since we lived at town area previously. Punggol seems like an ulu concept that we would shirk from. But here we are now - 6 months in. Living and adjusting to our new environment, and exploring new territories. The major shift was that we moved out from our parents to form a new, independent family unit by ourselves. Now as the man of the family and head of the household, there are new responsibilities to take, new challenges to face. But it's an exciting journey to take!
3. New business ventures into DNA
The second half of this year sees the launch of our new product - a DNA kit for both consumer and businesses. We took a while to explore and to craft this new brainchild of ours, collaborating with various partners and labs, doing all relevant analysis, and finally, we had a soft launch this June. As with all business ventures (and on top of our current beauty salon and e-commerce), there's ups and downs, but it's going to be fun, and hopefully rewarding.

If you are looking to explore up to 379 personal traits (including disease risks) just based on your saliva alone, you may visit our website here.
4. Olivia has started school
Due to the pandemic, we have postponed her nursery for the longest time, and she finally started school this November with My First Skool. We thought she would be alright since she started out strong (no crying - probably it's because we sent her to Sunday School already), but life happens. For some reason, she started to resist school, crying and screaming - just like me when I'm younger - all the way till I'm Primary 3 (or so I've heard from my mum). Yet we thank God for good teachers to take care, to educate and to guide her. You can do it, my daughter!
2021 was a heck of a year, not sure how many resolutions I've completed (or failed) since I've lost track since the second week of the year.

As the next year creeps in within a few days, please be good, 2022.