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Tuesday, July 6, 2021

Review: Beautify YOU with e-beauty's Discover Me DNA Kits

Hi, my name is Thomas, author of Nomsaurus and tech director of e-beauty.   Facial issues is an absolute pain in the butt. When you're hitting puberty, you worry about acne, when you're hitting your 30-40s, you scurry to find the best products to slow aging. Not only that, sensitivity, freckles, sun-tan.. my wife had her fair share of face sensitivity and breakout in her late 20s. At almost every point of your life, you just seem to get away from skin problems.

That's why, at e-beauty, together with a team of scientists and professionals (from A*STARdon't play play), we launched our very own DNA kits, decoding your problems at a genetic level. By matching your genes with suitable cosmetic ingredients and products, we ensure a higher reliability rate - products which will work for you.

High acne risks?
Saggy and wrinkling skin?
Prone to suntan?

The answer is in your DNA.
Read on if you are facing one of these:

1. Spending too much time and money buying products that give you minimal results.
2. Battling with long-term skin issues.
3. Wish to uncover your skin risks to prevent them earlier.
4. Want to look younger as always.
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What's tested?

Just with one single and simple test, find out the answers for all your underlying skin issues, as 14 skin traits across 3 major categories will be decoded:
Designed by Edmund Chen

The cover of our DNA kits is a masterpiece by Singapore artiste and e-beauty's ambassador, Edmund Chen, or better known as 陈之财, titled "Cherish the Present".
To remember the past. To cherish the present. To prepare for the future.

Easy Peasy.

e-beauty uses a saliva sampling kit, which is pretty simple to use. Register your DNA kit as per the instructions. Simply fast for 30 minutes and spit in the sampling tube, mix in the preservation liquid, give it a good shake and send it back with the provided return envelope.

Unveiling my Report

Once your sample reaches the lab, it takes approximately 10 working days for the DNA extraction and analysis. After which you will be notified via email and mobile that your report is ready for viewing at

Now the cool thing is e-beauty not only provide the results to you, but also the solution - that is what ingredients is suitable for you. NOT ONLY THAT, the AI function even calculates the most suitable products (cleansers, lotions, essences, etc.) based on your "weaker" abilities so you don't have to waste time and money on products that doesn't work.

If you prefer the traditional PDF format like Uncle Thomas, 
you can also download it straight from the site. 

All reports are available in ENGLISH AND MANDARIN.

Let's take a look at a few pages of my report ;]

(Total pages for the Beautify kit is ~40 pages!)

Oh no, my skin hydration ability is low so I would need to take more notice on hydrating myself and my skin. After doing the DNA test, I have been using products with the suggested ingredients too, which definitely helps!

Similar to the website's version, it also describes the different factors, such as genetic and environmental factors, and more importantly, what you can do and use to improve its condition.

Anti-aging capability is high, so I would probably look like 30s when I'm in my 50s. Hopefully. It's also important to note that both NATURE (your genes) and NURTURE (your lifestyle) plays a part in deciding your condition ultimately.

Hey, is that all?

NOPE. We do have a variety of personal traits too! Besides skin management, gain a deeper understanding on your nutrition, weight, sports, looks, health, management, personality and potential too!

But.. what's the difference with CircleDNA?

You would probably have seen their ads somewhere. Now, theirs is good and pretty comprehensive. However, we pride ourselves on our dedicated skin tests. With our AI matching, we match your genes (especially your higher risks ones) and cross-reference with hundreds and thousands of active ingredients. 

The result? You are likely to find out what's best for you.

Is it expensive?

The Beautify DNA test kits is just going for $199 (up from $399). And you know what? 
For a limited time, e-beauty is doing a ONE FOR ONE promotion
Do it with your bestie, and that's only $99.50 for one!

Damn worth it sibo.

Touching the lives of people and help you to solve your pesky skin issues are at our core.

If you are interested how to empower and ups your skincare routine, take a look here.