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Friday, April 13, 2018

孟想陈真 - BuddingRoots: Flowers with a Cause

As the old adage goes, flowers are a girl's best friend - no matter the age (besides diamonds and a whole lot of other stuff). While sourcing for wedding bouquets for our dear parents, we came across one of my friend's recent start-up, BuddingRoots, and the founder, Gail was kind enough to do up three really beautiful bouquets for us. Okay, if you are still wondering, why three? The three includes the groom's parents, the bride's parents, and our spiritual parents - they are our cell leaders at church and we also invited them to the tea ceremony as well. 

Long story short, they absolutely adore the flowers. Two months later, the flowers - now dried, but no less beautiful - are still displayed in the house.

I mean, what's there not to love? The flowers were of a perfect gradient, the side-kicks (aka fillers) were as gorgeous as the main flowers, and the whole arrangement was just stunning and pleasing to the eyes. Look, I am no flowers expert, but I know beautiful things when I see one. Like my wife.

I got in touch with BuddingRoots' founder, Gail to find out more.

When was BuddingRoots found?

Buddingrootssg started on Mother’s day, 14 May 17, when I decided to bless my mothers and grandmas with flowers. It was also the time I was very burnt out as a social worker, as I was feeling very drained doing counselling work and helping the needs of the society, and God led me to start a flower business. I found rest and comfort in handling His beautiful work of nature- flowers. It brought me a lot of joy and love, knowing that love can be shown through nature.

Why BuddingRoots? What does it mean?

The name ‘BuddingRoots’ came about because I am a youth social worker working with Youth-at-risk, and I believe in the many talents of youths. These youths included offending youths, school drop-outs, disadvantaged and low-income youths, or simply youths who have not discovered their strengths and purpose. One day I really want their talents to be showcased in my floral arrangement so the youths may have opportunities to impact society. The name ‘BuddingRoots’ also means ‘to bloom where we are planted’, to let our light shine wherever we are, to allow our potentials to take roots and bear fruits in whatever we do! When the business blooms, that’s when a possibility of starting a social enterprise will take place. Many youths have already been excited hearing my passion to involve them! Ultimately, this business started for social causes, not just profit-making. 
And the recipients of our flowers go to..
So, what inspired you to start?

What inspired me to do floral arrangement: I was attending my youths’ dance concert and I had to get some flowers for all of them but they were going at crazy prices in the shops. I decided to wrap my own bouquets for them, 9 in total, and tada! I discovered my potential and creativity with these beautiful nature. My youths really loved their handmade bouquets! Where there is love, there is beauty, and then there is joy. 
The lady behind BuddingRoots, Gail.
An introduction to your flowers?

So my bouquets go as low as $30 for a small bouquet, to as much as $80 for a large bouquet, depending on what kind of flowers you love! Roses, lilies, tulips, sunflowers, gerberas, baby breath, carnations, peonies, mini pom poms, daisies, really anything can be done to bless and bring love to someone. People have also started ordering wedding flowers and arrangement as well as hampers from me. It all takes a heart to love and to show love.

We highly recommend BuddingRoots, because if there's one thing that I can tell - the flowers are made with lots and lots of love and dedication. Besides wedding flowers, BuddingRoots has hampers and flowers for any events, such as graduation, birthdays and Valentine's.

Orders can be made via the official Instagram page here.
This post is fully sponsored by BuddingRoots.