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Friday, March 2, 2018

孟想陈真 - Whimsical Wedding Bakes with Creme Maison Bakery

Dessert tables are getting pretty popular in the local wedding scene since God knows when. Besides the standard reception, there is always this table full of goodies screaming for attention. This makes up for the perfect excuse if mum says that you shouldn't have desserts before your meal. It's a banquet lunch mum, I will have a slice of cake, some chocolate-dipped marshmallows, cupcakes and perhaps a few macarons before lunch.

If you are looking for the perfect cake to grace your wedding dessert table, hell, this can even be your wedding cake itself - we recommend Creme Maison Bakery, a family business with a simple aim - to handcraft the tastiest cake you have ever eaten. And probably, the prettiest you would ever see too. I mean, just look at this. A two-tiered tower of goodness of earl -grey lavender painted in the colours of our wedding theme (that is, blue and white) and decorated with macarons, chocolate shards and meringue. 
Let me share a problem that we faced - With such a pretty cake, no one will touch it and some might even think that this is part of the decoration. Oh duh, edible decoration yo.

Take the first cut and this cake will soon be gone. I mean, in all honesty, who doesn't want a slice of magic in their tummies?
Creme Maison specialises in custom-made and whimsical bakes for your wedding, birthday, and pretty much any other event. Besides the cake, I ordered their 过大礼 (guo da li) cupcakes as a surprise for Lady M during the formal meeting of our parents. She's a sucker for cupcakes, and that's how I probably won her heart, but that's another story. We absolutely adore how cute (and tasty) the cupcakes are. 
One of the delights of ordering from Creme Maison is their superb customer service. They are prompt in response and eager to recommend. Every step, from liaising to receiving our goodies at their newly renovated baking studio, is a pleasure. If you are looking for something to grace your events or perhaps a touch of magic in your life, Creme Maison is no doubt the place to go. 

It's like Willy Wonka's chocolate factory. The difference is that this place is at Tai Seng.

This post is partially sponsored by Creme Maison Bakery.