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Friday, December 1, 2017

December Scribbles - 2017

Here am I sitting at my desk in a half-empty office, having a break from prepping for the next meeting, still 80% stuck in holiday-mode from my recent trip to Xi'an, thinking about what to achieve in life, and scribbling thoughts here - which is pretty much the original purpose of having an online journal, isn't it? It's been a while since I have written anything personal - probably an annual habit, and I thought, why not? So here's a break from all the food and travel posts.
Dear reader,

In yet another blink of an eye, we welcome December again - a season of festivity and joy. It's also a period where you sit down, calm your heart and soul, and reflect on the year that is soon to be gone - along with your list of unachieved resolutions. Don't worry, you are not alone, I probably have half of my 30 items still unfulfilled. On a brighter side, January comes and you'll probably have another list soon.

A couple of days ago, we came back from my fiancee's hometown in Xi'an, China. It's a nice, ancient city, a perfect getaway for history fanatics (and foodies - the lamb skewers, nom). We went with the main objectives of visiting her relatives and giving them invites, and to take our second pre-wedding photoshoot. Speaking of which, I am very excited to show you the final products (probably in the next Scribbles). In addition to their professionalism and PS (photoshop) skills, it is not expensive at all at around RMB$4900 (which converts to SGD$1000) and includes a crazy lot of free gifts - some of which we have no idea how to bring to Singapore because of the considerable size. (Don't worry, I will include some posts of Xi'an within the next few weeks or so.)

Over the recent months, Lady M and I have been busy preparing for our wedding in February. We did a checklist - as detailed as we could - and tried to follow as tightly as possible. Thank God that we are not lacking behind much, it seems that there are so many things to do, to get, to settle. The procedures, the finance, the guestlists, the gifts, the decorations, the food, and the list pretty much goes on and on, and on. To be honest, we pray every night that may God pave the way for us and make the preparations a joyful and not an overly stressful process. God is good, even when we fail in so many ways. He is good, all the time.

"December will be magic again."

The sun goes down, and the moon goes up. That is all, folks. Have a pleasant Friday.

nom on.

- Thomas Chan