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Friday, August 25, 2017

Aubaine Selfridges @ Oxford Street, London

One of the first few things that we plan for any overseas trip is cafes, and London was no exception. Lady M and I (well, mostly her) were searching for noticeable cafes when Aubaine appeared on her screen. "Wahhh, let's go this one! The lavenders are so beautiful!" Yeah, that was before we found out that the flowers were wisteria. Fake wisteria. Our hopes were dashed but we still went.

Nestled on the second floor of London's favourite mall, Selfridges, this adorable cafe sits in the midst of luxury brands. Don't worry if you can't afford those shoes, there's always a place for you in Aubaine. 

It was a weekday afternoon and there wasn't any queue. Like every other wannabe, we requested to have our seats in the cosy corner a.k.a the Instagram spot where you get to dine under, well, fake wisteria, dirtied mirrors and worn out walls. They really should up their maintenance to maintain their Instagram-worthy ranking, but that isn't the point.

We had their Scrambled Eggs and Black Truffle on our Meule Toast (£12.50). Meule? Okay, I have no idea what that is, Google doesn't help so someone please enlighten me. The rustic flavour tasted kinda like sourdough, hard on the outside, soft and moist inside (just like my heart) soaked in the goodness of velvety truffle-infused scrambled eggs, along with two generous slices of black truffle. The waiter came by to ask if we wanted some freshly grounded black pepper. Hell yeah we do, but just a tip, remember to say stop nicely before your pepper becomes the main course.

Give a try on their Lobster Benedict (£14) for a nice twist of the classic version. It comes with a crusty potato rosti, yet it lacked the texture of nicely packed shredded potatoes as it was too crabcake-mushy for my liking. Speaking of which, click here to learn how to make the best rosti in your kitchen. The lobsters, on the other hand, were lightly seasoned, great as it is, paired with a nice o' poached egg and hollandaise sauce. Poached egg, well, made for another Instagramstory-worthy post.

During our meal, we overheard two ladies sitting behind us that the new menu is much better than the older one. But yeah, we came, we conquer this menu and overall, it was great. We paired our meals with a nice cappuccino (£3.75) and had a wonderful meal at Aubaine before our shopping conquest. Besides Selfridges, Aubaine has outlets in several other places, such as Mayfair, Kensington, and Hyde Park, just that they have no fake wisteria hanging on their ceilings. #justsaying.

Aubaine, Selfridges

2nd Floor, 400 Oxford St, 
London W1A 1AB, 
United Kingdom