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Friday, May 5, 2017

Buttercake n Cream @ Sunset Way, Singapore

A few days ago on Labour Day, I was searching for a nice cafe to treat my mother, as a thanks for bearing labour pains. The true meaning of this day is definitely not as such, but I don't think we need a reason to treat our mummies to a meal. To be honest, I have been to Buttercake n Cream quite a few times, and I still constantly mispronounce it as "buttercream and cake". This cafe is located in one of the ulu (rural) places in West Singapore, Sunset Way, and serves affordable food and pretty desserts.

They are having this ongoing set meal which looks really alluring, so we decided to go with it. Mummy and I decided to get one each for almost everything. She had the Ribeye Steak (200g) paired with red wine jus, a pretty alright rendition, but let me tell you something, the star of this dish is the potatoes (and the kitty cup). I think they named it rosti or something, but I think potato discs (or something along that line) is more apt. Slightly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, and it's not oily at all.

The Seafood Capella was delightful. The salmon was beautifully charred on the outside, and came off flaky. Food like this, paired with a garden al fresco atmosphere and great lighting, unless you have shitty photography skills, photos are pretty much #instaworthy.

Being a three-course meal, we had the half-and-half to whet our appetites. Their wild mushroom soup was deliciously savoury with a nice consistency, I think I even licked the pot, but let's not go into details. Mummy's not a big fan of kimchi, heck, she doesn't even watch k-dramas, okay irrelevant.

So here's basically what we had for appetisers and mains.

And, the dessert which I chose the apple crumble pie over chocolate lava cake, because my mum's not a fan of sweet stuff, heck she doesn't say "I love you" to me, just kidding I know it, down deep in my heart. Mummy thought that it was really sweet and she mentioned that she only eats desserts that I make, which makes me go "awwww", down deep in my heart. Anyway, personal preference led me to think that if there's more apples than currants, that would be great. 

Buttercream and cake, opps, Buttercake n Cream, is definitely somewhere I would recommend if you're hunting for cafes in West Singapore. I always feel a pressure to dress up if I go to cafes in town, but cafes like this, surrounded by HDBs are my favourite, because I could wear my sloppy OOTD. Anyway! It's a mere four/five bus stops away from Dover/Clementi MRT, or you could get a GRAB with all their current promotions, our ride there is only $2 for two persons!

Till then, nom on.

Buttercake n Cream

+65 67773477 
Daily: 12:00 - 22:30

#01-52 Sunset Way
106 Clementi Street 12
Singapore 120105