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Friday, December 11, 2015

Coffee: NOWHERE @ West Coast Plaza, Singapore

When Coffee: Nowhere came to occupy the huge, empty space left by Fish & Co during mid-2014, I was like "Hallelujah,  praise the good Lord, now we have more cafes in my vicinity". However, it was not until recently that we decided to have our lazy Saturday brunch at this Malaysia-based cafe. Their interior was spacious, with their kitchen and counter right in the middle. Unlike many cafes which discourage diners to chill and study there, Coffee: Nowhere have more than enough seats due to their spacious concept. But when all the seats are packed and you're the only one mugging on your lecture notes, be automatic a bit lah. By the way it is Coffee "Now Here", not Coffee "No where" hor

At Coffee: Nowhere, they serve a wide variety of food, ranging from pizzas to pastas, burgers to waffles, not to even mention their all-day breakfast. ALL DAY LEH. Now you can wake up at 8pm and still enjoy your Toasted Croissant with Eggs (S$7.80), or perhaps their signature Breakfast Nowhere (S$18.80).

Before I continue, I would like to declare that all the prices in their menu is NETT PRICING. Wah biang, damn good leh, or some say that GST and service charge is included in the pricing already. OII bloody hell, like that also want to complain. No extra charges complain, got extra charges complain, you go cook and eat at home suah.

For small eaters, grab their Smoked Salmon Sandwich (S$11.80, upgrade to croissant for $2), which includes smoked salmon, lettuce, sliced tomatoes and cheddar. We love how the combination of crispy-fluffy croissant bread paired with the smoky, smooth flavour of the salmon. If you're not a fan of salmon, go for their smoked duck option (same pricing).

OHHH DAMNN. Would you just check out their Burger Nowhere (S$14.80) - a beautiful orchestra of thick, juicy beef patty, sliced tomatoes, cheddar, sunny side-up, lettuce and caramelised onions, all kiapped (sandwiched) between two soft fluffy bosoms. No, I meant burger buns. This burger might look simple, but looks are often deceiving. Just like my girlfriend. Just kidding (she's gonna kill me if she sees this). For that pricing (nett hor), it is difficult to match this standard. Who needs Carl's Junior when you have this bad boy? And of course... it is completed with fries (what are burgers without fries) and salad.

I love their Cappuccino (S$5.80). Apparently, it is made of a blend of three Arabica beans (Brazilian Yellow Bourbon, Ethiopian Sidamo and Guatemalan). Not so robust like a damn kick in your face, but it has a smooth flavour with a bitter-sweet finish. My girlfriend and I are mega-fans of everything made of matcha, so we got to order their Matcha Latte (S$6.80). It's great, but not the best (our favourite is still the one served by Watanabe Coffee at Shaw Centre).

That yummy. That you can't open your eyes.

They have a wide selection of books, magazines and outdated newspapers for your reading pleasure as well. We wonder if the owner is a Christian as well with some of the readings related to God and churches. We thank God for Coffee: Nowhere. Hallelujah. They have charging points as well, which is awesome if you're planting your ass here to do your work. All in all, definitely a must-visit if you're at the West. Aiya, even if you live in Changi, just come down for the sake of the almighty Burger Nowhere. Oh ya, W39 is less than a 5-minute walk away if you're planning for a cafe-hop. ;]

Coffee:Nowhere Singapore

Opening Hours: 10:00 am to 10:00 pm

West Coast Plaza, #B1-06/07
154 West Coast Road,  
Singapore 127371