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Friday, July 10, 2015

SabX2 Wanton Noodles @ Soi Petchburi 19, Bangkok

Arguably the most famous wanton noodle stall in Bangkok, SabX2 Wanton Noodles is nestled at Soi Petchburi 19 Pratunam market, just opposite Platinum Mall. If you can't find it, simply just ask anyone in the area, most probably they will point you in the right direction. Because, they are just famous, and because of this one reason, you better be prepared to queue up. We were there on a weekday morning at 10am, and it took about 15 minutes to order the food. But this is how the queue would look like if you come one hour later on a weekday. Oh, this is half the queue only.

The staff at SabX2 speak basic Mandarin and English, so don't worry if you can't speak Thai. The worst that could happen in any scenario is that you utilise your fingers and toes. NAHH I am just kidding. If you're here, take a picture of this cool dude, who whips your wanton noodles in utter style. At some point of time, he even put on his shades. Now that is some cool shit.

People come here mainly for their Wanton Mee Dry (60 Baht = S$2.40). Unlike Singapore's rendition, theirs is served without gravy or sauce, but with crispy fried pork lard and a tad of sugar. Albeit appearing to be simple, the noodles are cooked till a nice consistency of Q-ness (that's the Singaporean way of saying al-dente) and is best eaten with dried chilli flakes. Trust me, add their chilli flakes. Their char-siew was slightly dry, while their wanton has a nice touch to it. 

Besides dry wanton noodles, they have the special edition (100 Baht) which includes shrimps. If you're a fan of braised pork trotters, there is actually another stall just beside, which is recommended by several food blogs. Another plus of this place is that the dining area is fully air-conditioned! A very much needed necessity for the god-damn hot weather in Thailand. However, people are being packed like sardines, meaning that you better GTFO the moment you finish what's on your table.

To be awfully honest, the price for this quantity is a very huge turn off. Throughout the years, the price has rocketed (it was 40 Baht then 50, like uh.. 1 or 2 years back) due to the huge influx of tourists. In fact, most (if not all) of their regulars are not locals, but tourists. The reason is simple - SabX2 is officially a tourist trap. It is. But I would still recommend anyone who haven't eat their wanton noodles to try at least once. #YOLO.

SabX2 Wanton Noodles

Tel: 02-653 9618, 081-839 5105

Opening Hours
Daily: 0930 – 1730

4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19
Pratunam, Bangkok, Thailand