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Friday, May 29, 2015

Grin Affair @ Everton Park, Singapore

Tuck away under a HDB at Everton Park since 2011, Grin Affair serves their offerings in beautiful glass jars wrapped with recycling paper. It doesn't take a genius to guess that they are into the recycling initiative. This petite cafe is opened by Jody Ang, a self-taught baker whose love for handicraft blossomed into a profession. 

At Grin Affair, they encourage you to return the used jars, in return of freebies, like dried fruits or even more cakes! It's definitely a marketing strategy, but one that promotes the well-being of Mother Nature. Moreover, their creations are all made of natural ingredients and no artificial colouring and flavouring. For starters, go for their best sellers of mousse cake selection with various flavours, such as Hazelnut ($6.50) - gorgeous layers of soft sponge cake layered with crunchy crumbs and fresh cream. It doesn't look fancy, but does pack a bite full of textures and flavours.

If you want something that is light, Honey Lavender (S$6) is the best option. The flavour is simple and refreshing, with the fragrance of lavender and the sweetness of the honey, as well as, the complementary flavours and textures of fresh blueberries. All in all, it is definitely suited for dessert after a heavy meal.

Besides these two flavours, they do have a nice selection (around 12) of seasonal flavours. With the warm response of fellow cake-hunters, Grin Affair has opened another branch at Bishan to better serve their customers. Besides cakes, the Bishan branch also specialises in meringue waffles in sweet and savoury flavours. It's a nice concept, which I would love to visit one day.

Bishan a bit far for limbeh, but good food is always worth the travelling, hor?

Grin Affair

Blk 3 Everton Park 
Singapore 080003