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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Movie Review: Dragon Blade

I am a big fan of any movies starring Jackie Chan (not that I am a Chan too). His witty and delicate martial art moves, with a dose of humour, are always big selling points for this veteran actor. What if he was stripped of the humour, and put into an ancient looking garb? Well it's up for one to judge.

Nomsaurus gave Dragon Blade


Directed by Daniel Lee, the 127-minute movie features Chan, who played Huo An, commander of the peace protection squad of the historical Silk Road - a land divided among 36 countries. Before he knows it, his squad is caught in a turmoil  and power struggle between a runaway troop, lead by General Lucius (played by John Cusack) and the Roman empire, headed by a ridiculously evil consul, Tiberius (played by Adrien Brody).

Casting-wise, Dragon blade features an A-list of veterans, starring Chan, Brody, Cusack, Choi Si-Won (from K-pop band, Super Junior), and Peng Lin, among many others. Without a mega chunk of humour, Chan still hold and deliver his character well. Brody was simply brilliant, bringing the cold, ruthless villian vibes out of Tiberius. Truth to be said, he's the best cast of the movie. Unfortunately, Cusack's performance was pretty lacklustre (or was a miscast). For Si-won, it's best if he sticks with singing.

All in all, Dragon Blade is epic, and has a nice balance of action and dialogues, with some emotional and heart-warming scenes that are aimed to tug at your heartstrings. According to Lee and Chan, the underlying theme of the movie is to promote unity and peace between the countries. Although it might seemed slightly far-fetched in reality, I would say that this movie was quite successful in delivering the message.

Dragon Blade is ON-SCREEN currently.