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Friday, January 23, 2015

Movie Review - I Fine, Thank You, Love you

It's the end of my examinations, and that means work, work, and work to pay off my tuition fees. Ah, what a bother, but I will promise to update my beloved blog at least once a week now. Recently, I managed to watch the latest Thai romance-comedy on screen, named none other than "I Fine, Thank you, Love you" (pronounced with a Thai accent).

Nomsaurus gave I Fine, Thank You, Love you


Directed by Mez Tharaton, this movie is brilliant in many ways. It's hilarious, witty, yet encompasses a touching side of the story. Featuring Ice Preechaya Pongthananikorn, who starred in the highly-rated thai comedy - ATM, she played as Pleng, a English tutor for Gym (played by Sunny Suwanmethanon)'s ex-girlfriend Kaya (played by AV actress - Sora Aoi). When Kaya left Thailand to work in the United States, Gym wishes to join her there and reconcile with her, but first, he has to learn English from scratch. Pleng was blamed for Kaya's succession, and was coerced to tutor Gym.

As the story gradually unfolds, (unsurprisingly) they fell in love with each other. It's no doubt predictable, but the story along with their superb acting brought loads of laughter and tears (for some) to the audiences. 

Here's a fun fact: "I Fine", if pronounced with a Thai accent sounds like "ai fai", which stands for "you're a buffalo". Overall, this movie is definitely recommended for people of all ages, great for unwinding after exams or a long day of work.

Watch the ABC dance, which is trending in Thailand right now:

I Fine, Thank You, Love you is OFF-SCREEN currently.