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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Wrapping Up 2014

In a moment's time, the year of 2014 will soon come to a pass, while 2015 takes the reign, yet for another brand new year. Compared to last year, 2014 was rather uneventful for myself, partially because I have my heads buried in books and work, as well as commitments in any other things. Nevertheless, this year has brought great joy, and a tinge of depressing moments - some of which I have overcame with God's glory, yet there are some that are still (hopefully) in the process of resolution.

Here are some honourable mentions of 2014!

Travelling to Taiwan, yet again. In fact, this is the only country I travelled to in 2014 due to really tight budgets. Nevertheless, the Taiwan trip was awesome - we explored new places, eat new food, and I am already planning to head there again soon!

I am looking forward to a few destinations next year. I am still saving up, paying tuition fees, so unless anyone is sponsoring me, it could take a while. Well, sadly. But again, such is life.

Christian fellowship in university was fun. This year, we embarked on a mission-focused camp at Changi Aloha, where we learn and grow as brothers and sisters in Christ. Not to mention, it's a first for me on street evangelism.Aside from times of bible studies, praising and fellowship, we do shit together. Weird shit, but that's where the fun is. 

2014 marked four years in my relationship with my girlfriend. Although it's not as long as some unmarried couples who could hit 7-8 years, I would say it's comparative longer than most. Ups and downs are guaranteed, but I thank God for placing this woman girl in my life. We are growing, physically, mentally (I doubt much), spiritually together, and it's all that counts.

Friends are important. Although some came and left, I am glad that throughout my walk of life, there are people who stick through with my craziness, partially most of my friends are happy bitches too:

Recently, we got invited to AXN's ultimate year end bash. Definitely a time of my life with new-founded friends, while partying with Singapore's duo band, Trick, and DJ Nicole Chen.

December was exhausting, yet filled with loads of fun. We had lots of parties and presents, and our cousins from Malaysia even visited us albeit the short trip. Anyway, I am just happy that all assignments are done and submitted, what's left is the dreaded semester examinations again.

My grandma is so livin' the thug life.
I am still thinking of what to set for my new year resolutions, which I hope to be fulfilled in the coming year (because this year's failed miserably).

Until next year, cheers! 

Oh wait, that's tomorrow.