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Monday, July 14, 2014

Hamanoya @ Marina Square, Singapore

The newly-revamped "Dining Edition" wing in Marina Square features more than a dozen international offerings, including Hamanoya - a casual and affordable Japanese restaurant which specialises in robata, a slow charcoal-grilling method originating from the Northern Japan. At Hamanoya, expect a wide range of these grilled delicacies, alongside with fresh seafood and sashimi cuts that are imported from Japan itself to ensure freshness and quality.

Featuring a chic, modern design and open-concept kitchen, diners can feast their eyes while the chefs prepare and grill their skewers to perfection. As expected of any other Japanese eateries, the staff would echo signifying your arrival. In short, their value-added service is superb and holds a high level of hospitality.

The one thing you obviously have to try in a robatayaki restaurant is their grilled skewers, which range from chicken wings to the classic bacon-wrapped asparagus (ooh, and they taste so freaking good). If you're fickle-minded, don't know what to choose among the list, go for their Assorted Skewers (S$18.99), which includes classic favourites, like a mega chicken meatball, beef, pork and chicken skewers. My favourite? Definitely the meatball, there's actually a soft-boiled egg which comes along with it, and acts as a dipping sauce for it. Pair them up, and you have a match made in heaven. 

Prior to the meal, a complimentary lightly-seasoned vegetable dish is given to prepare our taste buds for the main dishes to come.

Chawanmushi (S$4.99) was brilliantly creative and probably one of the more unique ones you would ever tried. Yuzu slices give an unexpected citrus twist to this classic silky egg custard, which is filled with quality crab shreds, giving it an extra oomph of fresh sweetness. Normal chawanmushi? Wait until you put it in your mouth.

Their rendition of Rainbow Maki (S$9.99) was good, but not good enough. Having tried Sushi Tei's version of this colorful classic favorite of mixed maki, a certain benchmark has already been set. Passable, borderline standard nevertheless.

3 Kinds Clam (S$11.99). Basically clams, mussels and scallop(s) soaked in a sweet sake broth with a tinge of sweetness from the shellfishes. It doesn't look like much, but the soft fleshes had absorbed the sake essence and tasted exceptionally rich, even on its own. Paired with the broth, this makes for a divine combination that would warm anyone's belly on a cold winter night. Oh wait, there's no winter here in Singapore.

All in all, Hamanoya is definitely proved to be one of the rising Japanese restaurants out there. With its great quality at affordable prices, this casual dining place is definitely recommended for people from all walks of life.

Hamanoya Robata Japanese Restaurant

Tel: 6337 4245

Marina Square, #02-106
6 Raffles Boulevard