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Monday, March 10, 2014

Nadaman @ Shangri-la Hotel, Singapore

With a history since 1830s, the Nadaman group of restaurants has gained renowned reputation on their exceptional culinary arts, transforming the blessings of nature into food. It was a Sunday afternoon when we figured out that we really need to unwind from our busy schedules and what we needed was nothing less than to indulge in a good Japanese meal amidst the serenity. Well, it's high-time to pamper Mum also, so why not.

At Nadaman, signature dishes are meticulously crafted by their Japan-trained chef and like any other Japanese cuisine, presentation are of the highest regards. For value, have a go at their lunch set menus (S$45-75), which includes choices like tempura, wafu steak, unajyu and sashimi. For myself, the wafu steak set lunch (S$55) proved to be extremely satisfying, completed by a good combination of seasonal appetiser, steamed egg custard, salad, pickles, rice and miso soup.

I had my Wafu steak done on medium, and it turned out more than perfect. The flavouful marination paired together with top quality air-flown wafu resulted in a succulent and tender rendition. Let's talk about the side-kicks - Chawanmushi, a most delicate and smooth egg custard filled with chicken, shiitake and prawns. It's no wonder that the three of us cleared it to the last bit. 

Their rendition of assorted tempura (comprising of prawns and seasonal vegetables) was good, but not exceptional. Perhaps, a thinner and less starchy batter might just do the trick.

The perfect udon is hard to gauge. I mean, how difficult is it to cook up some udon noodles deluged in an abundance of clear broth and seasonings? But for now, this is the benchmark of a good udon.

If you're looking for something else other than the set lunches that is equally value for money, try out their Teppanyaki Mini-course (S$50) which comprised of the following in order: seasonal appetiser, clear soup, sashimi or egg custard, salad, dessert, and a choice of main course, which includes chicken teriyaki, tenderloin steak and salmon with butter sauce, and a choice of either fried rice or inaniwa udon.

Sounds pretty much, isn't it? Well.. it was! At least for an average girl like my girlfriend, who gave up halfway through. Nevertheless, the salmon flaked easily with a fork and proved to be one of the best renditions we had. Oh! If you would like to have the teppanyaki meal served in the main dining area, just kindly tell the friendly staff over there, they would be more than helpful in assisting this request.

All in all, this was a wonderful experience for the three of us, who were seeking for a good meal amidst our busy schedules. Service was no less than outstanding - in fact, it was superb. Highly recommended.


Tel: 6213 4571

Opening Hours:
Daily from 12noon to 2.30pm for lunch; 
6.30pm to 10.30pm for dinner

22 Orange Grove Road
Shangri-La Hotel
Tower Wing