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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Restoran Ya Wang (鸭皇药材烧腊大王) @ Jalan Segget, Johor Bahru

Self-declared as the "king of ducks", Restoran Ya Wang holds a high and mighty reputation for their herbal roasted duck. Furthermore, they are also the appointed advisor and consultant for Dian Xiao Er's herbal roasted duck in Singapore. Together with my friend's recommendation, that already gave us three good reasons to visit Restoran Ya Wang. The restaurant is not difficult to locate with its convenient location at 28 Jalan Segget, which is just a stone throw away from City Square in Johor Bahru.

At Ya Wang, they serve duck prepared in several ways, such as the more well-known choices of original and herbal, as well as various dishes, like roasted pork, braised tofu and assorted seafood. Besides a la carte items, two set menus are available too. 

For our table of 6, we had their recommended 十全大补烧鸭 (duck marinated with 10 medicinal herbs) - a delicious concoction of tantalising duck meat and herbs. The skin was less crispier than I expected, but nevertheless, this was a hit amongst us. Moreover, the savoury gravy serves as a good complement to the rice. Another recommendation was their 招牌豆腐 (signature braised tofu) - circular-shaped tofu braised together with various seafood, as well as their roasted pork.

If you have trouble locating the restaurant, try searching for this obvious over-sized roasted duck - a trophy which they display proudly outside. And as you can see from the signage outside (and their uniforms), the restaurant is air-conditioned - a huge bonus for the hot and humid weather in Johor Bahru. For that, 海底椰(sea coconut) serves as the perfect drink to cool down one's body.

All in all, Restoran Ya Wang proved to be a good place for their well-known roasted duck, however, as for the "king of ducks" title, I am pretty sure that I can find better places out there in both Malaysia and Singapore. As expected, the prices are not that cheap, after all, the costs are jacked up by the steady streams of Singaporean visitors.

The three hungry musketeers

Restoran Ya Wang (鸭皇药材烧腊大王)

Opening Hours
Daily - 8am to 6pm

28, Jalan Segget
Johor Bahru