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Friday, April 12, 2013

Beanstro by Coffee Bean @ Ngee Ann City, Singapore

Following the huge success of its first American casual dining outlet at Marina Bay Sands, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has recently opened another Beanstro amidst the bustling streets of Orchard. I used to drop by Cedele (which was later replaced by Beanstro) quite a bit for its aromatic coffee and lovely red velvet cakes, hence I was torn down in tears (exaggerating a far bit here) when news of Cedele will be replaced by this weird-sounding cafe reached me. But since what done has been done, I decided to visit Beanstro for a light brunch to see whether it lives up to Cedele's standards.

Egg Benedict is no stranger to breakfast/brunch lovers who swore by its runny egg yolks set upon a bed of bacon and English muffins, topped with a good deal of creamy hollandaise sauce. Beanstro's version (S$17.00) was disappointing. The hollandaise is extremely dry to start with - maybe it's their own version, but some things are not meant to be changed especially when it has served its good purpose all this while. Hollandaise sauce equals creamy, rich texture. Anything that falls short of that standart fails.
The salad was overpowering with balsamic vinegar, turning the lovely greens and cherry tomatoes into a pile of sour waste. Well, not every aspect of this Egg Benedict is bad, I liked how the runny egg yolks and melted cheese complement the slightly toasted bread. But again, this proves little to salvage the entire dish.

Carrot cake was quite the slice of goodness I was looking for as a pairing to their awesome Double Chocolate (S$6.50). It is much denser than Cedele's rendition, with the cream layer being sweeter (and frostier harder). As much as a sweet tooth I am, I still prefer Cedele's as it packed more carrot slices and nuts.
But trust me when I say that their Double Chocolate is awesome, it is thick, creamy, icy, chocolatey and what's not. Topped with a wallop of whipped cream, this IS the beverage for warm, sunny days. I guarantee that all of you (chocolate lovers out there) will drink till its last drop, plus chop if you want.

Will I be back? Yeah sure, probably. But I would rather try out their pastas, burgers or sandwiches the next time round. And cakes. Yeah, cakes too, with a good ol hazelnut latte probably.

Beanstro by Coffee Bean

Tel: 6235 1610

Opening Hours
Mon - Sun: 8am-11pm

391 Orchard Road
Ngee Ann City