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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Tioman Island Escapade Itinerary Day 2

This blog entry is a continuation of "Tioman Island Escapade". If you have not checked out the first part of the 3D 2N itinerary, kindly do so by clicking here.

Before my alarm rang, I was awoken by the commotion outside. Apparently a big group of approximately 20 cheeky monkeys were messing with the bins in search of food. Laundries were tossed and rubbish were literally everywhere.
Just a tip - never leave your food outside.

Caught red-handed

After washing up, we headed to the dining area at Paya Beach Resort for our long awaited breakfast. The food was sub-par, with the potatoes and pancakes being really terrible. The omelettes and sunny side-up were good though, just a bit too oily for my liking.

We headed back to our lodges to change attires and equipments for the snorkelling tour. We got on the boats at the jetty, anyway we were late so we had to wait until everyone has boarded the boats. It stopped at 3 different destinations where we got off the boats and snorkelled around the area.

The weather was not ideal for snorkelling that day - the sea was too choppy and most of the fishes had went into hiding. Nevertheless, we got the chance to admire the marine life. The assorted corals were definitely more beautiful than yesterday's. You can also bring along bread to feed the fishes, watch them as they snatched the food off your fingers!

We had to wait for the sky to clear at the last station (Salang) before returning back to Paya. Anyway do check out their marine park centre, where you get to see interesting artifacts and learn more about the marine life. Admission is free of charge.

After cleaning up and changing to fresh outfits, it's time for lunch.

(From left): Victor, Jesline, Peiyi, Thomas, Soull, Judy

Our stomachs were terribly grumpy after an exhausting snorkelling trip. We chanced upon a restaurant selling local cuisine located just at the jetty, where we had Tom Yum Noodles and plates of fried rice. At that point of time, I guessed we were too hungry that everything tasted good. The rice was a tad dry though.

Mamak Nasi Goreng, which translates loosely to Mama's Fried Rice is pretty satisfying. It is similar to the previous one, but is like an upgraded version with stronger flavour and chilli padi added.

Do take note that they also provide diving and snorkelling packages as well.

Venture into the forest trail where it leads to the Rock Fall. There are lots of direction signs and an obvious pathway, so follow that route and you'll be fine. The Rock Fall is a miniature version of a waterfall, where one can even enjoy a cool dip there. Be careful as the rocks and stones are pretty slippery.

There are also a lot of pesky bugs along the way, hence insect repellent is highly recommended.

We continued our exploration towards the beach as the sun begins to set beyond the horizon. The sunset is beautiful, but I prefer the orange/purple-hued skies at Langkawi.

And the girls doing the classic jump shot.

There were a few interesting specimens we found, including a lifeless jellyfish that was washed ashore. Poor dude.

Just look at the amazing details on this corals! (It made my skin crawls though.)
As the tide lowers, more rocks become visible. Admire the simple beauty of rock formations.

We even did our version of 那些年 right here on the rocks.

Just before dinner, we did a quick wash-up. The dilemma came on us again - what's for dinner? And ended up choosing the Western cuisine at the resort. Their grills and steaks were not cheap and standards were below average, however they did well on the Fish & Chips.

There is a place where you could play billiard as well, a mini swimming pool for a light swim after dinner or get a torchlight to explore the tide-receded lands. Most of the convenience stores sell torchlights or other lighting device, so fret not if you did not bring along your lights. But we chose to get some alcohol (they are real cheap there) and snacks, and just chill out at the lodge instead.

Lights out.

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