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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar @ Vivocity, Singapore

Every time I walked pass the Max Brenner Chocolate Bar located at the ground floor of Vivocity, I cannot resist but take a few more whiffs of that chocolatey goodness lingering even beyond their doorsteps, just to excite my sense receptors. As someone who looks after his calories, it is even a sin to think about walking into the bar. The story goes on and you all know how it ended when I had this entry up.

My girl, Peiyi and yours truly decided to give it a first try for tea-time. With the help of a friendly staff, we managed to get a table in the middle of the bar in not more than a few minutes. The seatings were quite cramped however, and would be no doubt, slightly uncomfortable for longer chill-outs/talk-cock-sing-song sessions.

Peiyi ordered their popular Hot Chocolate drink (S$7.50) topped with marshmellow bits, which comes in this cute-looking "hugmug". It is true when they say marshmellows and hot chocolate are a couple made in heaven. I can totally justify that. This is a real treat.

For me, I had the Chai Latte which was a little too tangy for my liking, nothing else to rave about, except this unique dispenser, where the drink flows out from below when pushed against the mouth of a cup.

The "main course" was Chocolate Pizza, topped with nuts and marshmellows and drizzled generously with pure melted chocolate sauce. It came slightly late (approx 20 mins), but it was worth the wait. The ingredients complemented each other, and the texture was that good (imagine melting marshmellows on a bed of soft pizza crust). Before we know it, this lovely creation was gone. I could say that this is the best chocolate pizza I ever had.

"Chocolate is not just about taste. It’s a symbol of different aspects in our lives – of romance, of sensuality, of decadence. These aspects actually create the new chocolate culture of Max Brenner."

Extracted from their menu about "A Chocolate Love Story"

Yeah. It was that good.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar was a "Willy-Wonka" delight. Although it is on the slightly pricier side, I am definitely going back for their highly acclaimed Chocolate Souffles and suckao, but it had to wait until my guilt subsides.

Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Tel: +65 6278 4218

Opening Hours
Sun –Thu: 10am – 9.45pm
Fri – Sat: 10am – 11pm

1 HarbourFront Walk