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Hey there!

My name is Thomas Chan, a '91 business owner living in Singapore - a beautiful country with four seasons - hot, hotter, sibei hot (very), hot until buay tahan (cannot tolerate). After deliberating for years, I ended up taking psychology as my major at university. Besides thinking about what you are thinking about what I am thinking, I have a huge passion for arts, food, and travel. With whatever free time I have (at least before my dear baby Olivia comes into the picture), I read, catch up on dramas, crochet and bake.

I am people-oriented, and love to do loads of crazy stuff. And I want to be the very best like no one ever was. Yeah, like a Pokemon master. My writing style is simple and nothing serious with a lot of intentional Singlish (in italics and explanation) - perfect for a casual read anytime, anywhere. #BHB (buay hiao bai - no shame/embarrassment) advertisement. I am happily married to the sweetest and kindest lady, Lydia, since February 2018. Although she tends to have her moments, I consider her as the greatest blessing of my life.
On November 2018, we are blessed with a beautiful daughter, whom we named "Olivia", and of course, the blessings also come with endless worries, anxieties, and major sleep-deprivation. As of the time of writing, we are still struggling and getting used to being new parents. Two quick reflections: (1) I salute to all parents, especially the mothers, and (2) all this will come to pass, and when it does, I am going to miss it.
On February 2022, we welcome our second - this time a little man whom we named Emmanuel!

Why start a blog?

Looking at all the successful local lifestyle blogs, together with my unfailing love for food and photography, I decided to establish my own too, and voila! That is how Nomsaurus is found. Through here, I blog about a couple of things such as food recommendation and travel itineraries. There's even a tried-and-tested recipe page so you can impress your loved ones with minimal effort!


Of course, I am honoured to participate in any food tasting sessions, take in freelance design requests, and other collaborations. Just pop an email to me at and I will probably get back to you within a day or two. Till date, Nomsaurus is honoured to have work or receive full/partial sponsorships with the following brands:

Also, please kindly note that unauthorised use or duplication of materials from Nomsaurus is strictly prohibited. I personally do not watermark my images, however, all images and texts (unless otherwise stated) belong to Nomsaurus and can only be used if proper credits are given to Thomas Chan and Nomsaurus, with appropriate links back to the original content. 

**Similarly, some pictures which I use on my blog are not owned by me, however proper credits and link to the source are given. If you do not want your image to appear on my blog, please kindly email me and I will take it down as soon as possible.

Although Thank you for joining on this life journey. God bless.

Yours Truly,
Thomas Chan (Salutation: limbeh)